Monday, December 25, 2006


Happy holidays y'all! As I write this post it is around 8:30pm Philippine time on December 25, 2006.

Gifts have been unwrapped, food has been eaten (or put in plastic containers to be stored in the refrigerator for future hunger pangs), and waistlines have grown an inch or five. 'Tis the season to be jolly and to eat!

So why am I not that ecstatic as I used to?

Well, first my grandmother's dead. First Christmas without her at our house, since she lived with us. Makes me miss her more, specially when I see some of our Christmas decorations that play a song when you press a conveniently hidden button. She always enjoyed watching those mice dance. Now all I have are memories of her.

Next, my girlfriend's in the US. So First Christmas without my girlfriend in seven years. Whoop-de-doo.

Finally I am supposed to be on leave this week, going out of country for some R & R and shopping with my parents. Instead of going straight I have to work tomorrow, despite tomorrow being a holiday. Why? Punk ass agency decides that instead of having the second presentation of a project I am doing on the 5th of January they want to see it on the 3rd.


Good thing I've got an officemate who'll fill in for me while I'm gone. But I am going to work tomorrow to meet up with him and try to tackle the revisions in one day (afternoon?) and hopefully I won't be thinking of work while I am on vacation.

What's the point of giving a schedule if they won't effin' follow it anyway? They asked me for a timetable and now they want it earlier? Hello, it's the Christmas freaking holidays! People aren't really gearing up for work the week between Christmas and New Year. I bet those a-holes in the agency won't even show up for work.

Sure, pick on the lowest on the totem pole. If it weren't Christmas today I'd probably be cursing my mouth off. I am, actually, just not typing it down.

Ad agencies here in the Philippines suck. They always demand the fastest timetable at the cheapest cost and then complain, complain, complain about "quality" which they don't even understand. Sure they want it to look nice but the schedules they request? Give me a break.

My officemate told me I could easily do this project in a week, but that's not the point. My boss once told me to make sure I had enough time to cover any possible snags in the project. Besides it's a lose-lose situation.

I understand my officemate's point, yes we can do this. What I don't like is the fact that the agencies will start thinking, "Hey, those rat bastards can actually do it in a few days instead of a few weeks. Let's just keep making schedules shorter since they can handle it." And if I screw up because of lack of time it's my fault. But if I get the job done they'll make deadlines shorter.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This is crap. I keep complaining but I don't seem to be doing anything about it. My folks are right, either just shut up or do something about it.

Give me a few weeks and I will do something about it.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knicks - Nuggets Brawl, Comments, Aftermath

There was this recent brawl in the NBA involving players from both the New York Knickerbockers and the Denver Nuggets. I didn't get to see it live but thanks to the magic of youtube you can see it here.

Now I was expecting harsh penalties for the players involved (including Carmelo Anthony, the NBA's leading scorer and one of my favorite players to watch). And today at ESPN I read about the penalties given. You can read about it here.

Now while I may be a big fan of Carmelo Anthony I do not agree with the penalties Commish Stern handed out. 15 for 'Melo? 10 for JR Smith and Nate Robinson? 6 for Mardy Collins?!? Six? He started it all with his flagrant foul, and from what I heard he committed a flagrant foul the previous game too.

If it were up to me, I'd suspend Collins, Anthony, Smith, and Robinson the entire season. Jared Jeffries would get 45 games.

How come I'd give out suspensions that long? The NBA is still recovering from the "Malice at the Palace" brawl two years ago, and the suspensions were harsher then. Sure fans were involved, and now fans weren't really involved in this brawl. But still. Players are being paid millions of US dollars to play a game of basketball, entertain the fans, and they still manage to let tempers flare? Give me a break.

I say teach the players a lesson. Strike fear into them so that any stupidity on their part will hopefully be prevented. If the players know that they'll get in serious trouble for making trouble, then perhaps they'll think twice before doing anything stupid.

These guys all think the world owes them everything, that they can get away with anything. Someone ought to remind them that they're also human, and that laws apply to them too.

I'm most disappointed at 'Melo. Despite all the negativity that happened to him in previous years I was always rooting for him. I was always a fan, despite that DVD and the pot found in his bag, and now he does this.



Sunday, December 10, 2006

Times of Senti-Ness

Okay there are a lot of factors why I'm feeling sentimental / waxing nostalgic / feeling reflective today. First is the wedding of my friend Chito and second is because I'm listening to Reality Bites Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Yeah Reality Bites isn't that sentimental, but this is pretty mellow for my tastes already. And it brings back memories of high school. And high school was the time I was so damn immature I that thought I was a deep, mature, and introspective person. Guess not.

My friend's getting married. I'm the groomsman. Can't imagine that I've reached that age where my friends are getting married. A few years ago it was Marko, a friend I grew up with because he lived right next door. Now it's Chito, a friend I met when I ended up in Naga.

So I am older. Wiser. More mature? Hmm. Time flies. Can't wait for the day when I'll be getting married, which hopefully will be in the next one or two years. We'll see. First I need to get me a high paying job, if not in the Philippines then somewhere abroad. Signapore, maybe?


Lisa Loeb's Stay is playing. I have to stop typing or else I might get more serious.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


I've been playing Need For Speed Carbon for the PS2 lately. Not really enjoying the game. The physics and handling are totally different from previous NFS games. Specially drifting.

Just push the controller a bit and the car spins wildly. I totally enjoyed the controls of NFS Underground 2 for drifting. And the way the car handles is better in the previous game. This new game is just too wild for my taste, even after tweaking the car's settings.

That's another thing that irks me. The tweaking of settings are simplified. So simplified that you can't win boss battles unless you choose max horsepower max speed settings. What?!? So what's the point of setting my car up to be high torque and fully maneuverable if all I have to do to win races is to make the car super fast? What happened to tweaking the settings and achieving perfect balance in the car?

All in all the best Need for Speed game I've played is Underground 2. Best controls, best dynamics, best options.

Although the new game is only a few days old in my house, so I may get used to the controls eventually. After all, I have beaten three bosses. Just one more sector to go and I'll have finished the game.

But the car I'm using is "only" an RX-7, and I'm up against Skylines and Murcielagos. The sad part is I haven't unlocked tier 3 cars yet. Damn. I think the only way to unlock those damn cars are to finish all races in the previous maps.

The unfinished races? Drift races. Go figure.

I've no patience to learn the drift. I've won some drift races but those were when the track was wide. Narrower tracks are harder to manage since the damn car totally slides back and forth.

Unless there's some special trick or setting to drift properly which I didn't get to read in the manual (because I don't have a manual).

Oh well. I've created a new alias anyway, and I started using an exotic car, the Alfa Romeo Braera or whatever. Last time I started with a tuner, the Mazda RX-8. We'll see.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Hate Filled Rant (In Multiple Languages)


'T*ngina kayong mga clients, akala niyo kung sino kayo. Ang tagal niyo magbigay ng sagot kapag nagpadala kami ng output pero kapag may hinihingi kayo mamadliin niyo kami.


You guys could at least give us some breathing room to do our jobs properly, you c*nts. Sure I know I can finish what you guys want by the time you guys want it (December 7, bee-yotch!!!). But it wasn't like that last year, remember?

Sure the animation's the same. Sure you guys approved that.

Pero bago na product, hindi na yung dati. Iba na pinapagawa niyo. Magbabago lahat. Lahat ng animation uulitin. Mga h*ndot. Dai na kamo nasupog, buray ng mga ina nindo.


Bullsh*t. If you bastards decided to have this project done in another country you wouldn't even bat a goddamned eyelash if they told you it would take 6 weeks.

All I was asking was 3 weeks. Enough time to fix whatever fix-ups they want. And I'm pretty damn sure they'll ask for fixups. Even if they know the deadline's on December freakin' seven. December. Freaking. Seven. Two. Thousand. And. Six.


Damn, that's Maica's birthday.

You shitty people fucked up my December. And be thankful that I still have pride in my work. Be thankful that someone still has enough decency to actually do a good output. I get paid to do my job. Not much, but still. I get paid to do this.

But this is getting too far. Instead of things improving in the CG commercial industry here in the Philippines things have gotten worse. Much, much worse.

They can't give us the proper material at the right time, always late, always wrong. Then they blame us.

They award accounts to animation companies who can offer the lowest cost at the fastest time.

What are we 3D artists, f*cking robots?!?

Beep. Boop. Do-wop.

Merry Christmas, you f*ckers. May you choke on your noche buenas.


Monday, November 27, 2006


Yesterday while attending mass with my folks at Magallanes Church I saw some ants. They were dragging around a piece of something, I don't know what, but they were dragging it around with all their might and all their effort.

From one place to another, trying to cross tiles that had gaps. They dragged it in one direction, saw it was impassable, then dragged it to another destination. I watched with curiosity the whole 45 or so minutes the mass was going on. I thought they were trying to drag it somewhere near my mom's foot. It was around the consecration of the host when they made it there, so my curiosity sort of waned.

Later during communion I was shocked to see that the ants had dragged that thing back to where they started. What the hell? Really confused me, they did. I wanted to step on that thing they were dragging just to put an end to their misery, but I never really wanted to do that anyway. They're just doing what their instincts dictate. And what may seem strange to some are perfectly logical to others.

What's my point in all this?

I still don't like hearing mass and I find every possible reason to be distracted from what's going on in church.

I used to think this was a cycle, there would be a time when I'd be really devout, hearing mass and having communion, then something would happen and I'd stop listening, and praying and all that Christian jazz. Then something would happen, I'd hear confession and the cycle would repeat. It's sort of bad but at least before I knew that I'd end up praying again.

Now? It's been almost 2 years since I last heard confession and my "faith" and "devoutness" is at an all time low (maybe even down to zero?). I'm not worried, and I'm not sad. I just don't believe. I still go to mass, as it is an obligation. But do I still believe? I guess. Part of me does, probably because of the 19 years of studying in Catholic schools. All their "brainwashing" made me a believer.

Maybe I just don't want to pray because of the things that have happened the past year or so. I lost five or six relatives, mostly due to sickness. All due to sickness, come to think of it. Some still relatively young, some old. All hurt, even if some of them were not that close to me. To have that many relatives pass away in a span of a year (Nov. 2005 was the start) plus one of my dogs passed away last October due to complications in surgery, just makes the chip on my shoulder bigger.

I can't blame God. I just don't want to believe anymore. That doesn't mean I'm going bad. You can still be a nice person who follows rules even if you don't have a religion. However some people can argue this will make me spiritually empty. Oh well. I don't feel empty. I feel the same way I felt when I was devout.

In a way I'm similar to those ants I saw, with respect to religion. Going in one direction then back to where they came from, always moving, never stopping.

If you think a change of religion is what I need, you're sadly mistaken. I just need a reason to believe again. But since I'm not looking that reason will just probably hit me in the face, so to speak.

Ah whatever.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Regaining Momentum

Ever since our phone line got cut by that truck I've lost momentum on a lot of things that I used to do.

Like photography. I used to be pretty active on Flickr, but since I lost the ability to browse photos and upload photos consistently I've pretty much stopped with photography. Not that I don't browse Flickr anymore. I still do, except now I just check out some photos and read some threads in groups. I don't post that much and I don't shoot photos that much.

I hope that that will change this coming weekend. My mother's birthday is coming up and we'll be heading to Vigan, Ilocos Sur for her birthday. Don't ask me why. She just wanted to go there. I don't mind going on a road trip since I think I need some time off from Manila, too.

It's a chance for me to try and take pictures again. That means I've got to buy some expired film this coming week, or at least decent Fuji film. Maybe some black and white film.

I hope this will jump start my interest in photography again.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ah, Internet

A few days ago, I think it was a Thursday, I had a pleasant surprise when I got home.

Our phone line had been reconnected.

No, we weren't disconnected because of delinquent bills or whatever. A truck chose to disconnect us from the outside world when he snagged on some lines from a pole outside to our house. Fortunately only the phone line was cut, not power nor cable.

Now I'm surfing again at home. Whoop-de-do.

The only problem I see is since I haven't surfed fully in a month (our internet at work is in bad shape, so many sites you can't open) I don't know where to go.

Oh well.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trying to Update and Random Things

Remember Typhoon Milenyo? Well after that storm a snagged our phone line at home, and up to now we still have no phone line. Good job PLDT. To make matters worse, our net in the office isn't functioning properly. Good job to whoever.

One of my pets passed away last Oct. 15 of unknown causes. She had an operation to fix a dislocated kneecap and was apparently fine until she started wheezing, and passed away around two or three days later. Don't want to think about that anymore but it still nags at my brain.

My PS2 finally broke down. I can't play any game except NBA Live 2006, and that reads so damn slow. Most likely a lens problem. Now I have to find a good replacement lens, hopefully someone I know at the office can help because I don't want to shell out P5k++ for a new lens. We'll see.

I bought Initial D Stage 1 to 4 recently. MCS Copy, of course. I've seen Stage 1 and I am hooked. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I want to drift, but since I can't I'll have to have my PS2 fixed and get me a copy of Need For Speed Carbon just to quench my thirst. Of course Gran Turismo 4 is always there.

Lately my tastes in cars have shifted to the "younger" tastes. JDM cars with aftermarket parts and accessories. Not the simple, exotic Eurocars I used to like as a child. Well that's part of growing up. At least I'm more realistic with my tastes. I can probably eventually afford JDM cars, but supercars? Nah. Unless I become a successful Hollywood actor or something.

As for personal news, well, that's for me to know.

I guess that's it. The NBA season has started, thank God. Something to watch during the weekends, since my girlfriend is STILL in the US of A.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something to Cheer Me Up

I got this from Third's blog. I took the quiz and this is what came out. It is sort of flattering, but some of it doesn't seem to match me, personality-wise. And yet I answered the quiz honestly. Strange.

I'm a Honda S2000!

You live on the edge, and you live for the adrenaline rush. You don't need luxuries, snob appeal, or superfluous gadgets. You put your top down, get your motor revving, and take all the curves that life throws at you at full speed. So what if you spin out occasionally?

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

I Need to Vent

I need to vent. Lots of things eating me up. My angst is still here and it's been rubbed the wrong way. Plenty of times. And if I don't vent here then I just might snap.

Why is it some arrogant people act that way? Don't they know how to get along with other people? Wala ba kayong pakikisama sa ibang tao? Bakit kami ang dapat makisama sa inyo? Bakit di kayo makisama sa amin? Can't you guys (and gals) lower your pride enough to meet halfway? Or at least treat me as a human being.

Tangina kasi kayo, asta kayo ng asta. Wala namang ibubuga. Puro yabang wala namang maipakita. Puro dada, wala namang gawa. You fuckers can't walk the walk but you sure do know how to talk the god-damned motherfucking talk.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Full of air, full of bullshit. That's what you fuckers are good at. Impressing people with first impressions. That's it. Sure first impressions count. But if your first impression is totally different from who you really are, good luck with life.


I try to treat people the way they treat me. Be kind to me and I do the same. Treat me like shit and I will treat you worse. But for some pompous windbags out there they think that I started everything. Because in their world, they are infallible. Well fuck that shit.

If killing were allowed, I'd be dead. And I'd probably have killed some people too.

But no, that IS wrong.

So I force myself to try to get along with everyone. That's how my folks taught me to be. Respect everyone.

Well respect should be given, then earned. You respect a person if you meet him/her for the first time, but when you see how he/she really is, that's when you give the respect he/she deserves.

Kaso ang problema diyan yung ibang tao wala pang ipagmamayabang akala mo na kung sinong sugo ng diyos. Ulol. 'Tado. May araw din kayo, tangina niyong mga hindot kayo.

I wish I could act like them. Be like them. Assholes. Pompous windbags. Mga bolero. Bullshit artists. But no. I'm better than that. My folks made me better than that.

The world ain't fair. If it was there would be no negative stuff here. But it isn't fair. So I have to learn to live with these things I encounter. And I do try to live with them.

But that doesn't mean I can't vent about them, right?

Better watch out, assholes. Your day will come.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Of Giant Robots and Alien Invaders

So I have in my DVD collection (MCS edition) a large number of anime series. I am most proud of my Shin Getter Robo and Mazinkaiser DVDs, since I grew up watching the forefathers of these relatively new animes.

Shin Getter Robo and Mazinkaiser are remakes of the popular Go Nagai cartoons Getter Robo and Mazinger Z. Although the new releases are so far off the original story that I am sort of confused with what's going on. Take, for example, Shin Getter Robo. In the series I got (Armageddon) there are dozens of Getters strewn about. I thought there was only supposed to be one? And in Mazinkaiser there were already two Mazingers in action before the former arrived.

Not that I mind, it makes the story more real to have more than one giant robot. It's just that I'm only starting to catch up with their stories now. So I have to do "research" online to find out what I missed.

Fortunately not all of them are related, story-wise. I think Shin Getter Armageddon's story is not connected to the original. At least I think that way because I know Benkei died in the original and was replaced by Musashi. Plus in Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, Musashi dies too. Well, he does die in Armageddon, leaving Benkei the lone Getter 3 pilot.

I'm starting to ramble here.

Anyway I just finished watching all Mazinkaiser and Getter Robo DVD's I have and I must say that the art is awesome. There's something about anime that I really enjoy, specially the style of art shown in the anime I watched. Heavy trace lines, nice colors.

And the perspective when the super robots pose. Ahh. I know when they are drawn that all rules of perspective and foreshortening are broken, but there's something about the way they pose. You know the perspective isn't right, but the way they pose is still so damn heroic. And awe inspiring. Makes me want to draw again.

I feel lucky that I was born when I was. I know there will be more improvements in the future that I may not get to experience, but now is the perfect time to be alive. You have a wide collection of DVDs available (in MCS and also the legit kind). And you can find almost anything you want on DVD. Cartoons, TV series, old movies, NBA games, wrestling, and others.

But back to the topic.

I noticed that in both Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter we always end up fighting some sort of alien invader. And I find it strange that only one (or a few) super robots can hold off a huge-ass horde of alien invaders. Why do they strike one robot at a time? What are our giant robots made of? How come they don't blow up as easily as our airplanes and why can't we make airplanes made of the same metal as the giant robots?

Coming from a fan these questions are stupid. You're supposed to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the show. But if you ever want to make a parody of super robots then you could probably think those questions and add them to the story.

That's it. Off to breakfast.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Unsolicited Advice

I'm sure some of you have gotten advice from others. Most of them are helpful, some are not, and there are times when you just want to ask the person if he/she is high on drugs.

I don't mind getting unsolicited advice. Provided that the advice I get is from a legit source of advice or if that person actually knows what's going on and wants to "help". It's always best to listen to advice, then decide if you want to follow through on it or not.

Take work, sometimes some of my veteran officemates will offer me tips on how to execute my 3D tasks better and faster. Of course I'll listen. They know what they're talking about, they know it works. Besides, one of the major reasons I've gotten better in 3D is because of them.

Or if someone I know just experienced something bad and he/she wants me to avoid suffering the same fate. If he/she just suddenly chimes in and tells me something, sure. I'll make a mental note out of it. Why? Because he/she has gone through with it and knows how to deal with it.

What I really hate is people who just butt in, don't have a clue what's going on, and start blasting away with their suggestions. They probably think they're helping, they probably think they know what's best. But please, who asked them? Do they know what's going on? Do they know anything about the topic?

In one of the forums I regularly go to, there's this one annoying member who keeps posting paragraphs upon paragraphs of "advice". More like orders, if you ask me. He posts them and expects people to follow them. Then if he asks another member a question and that question is not answered, he follows up on his question in a not so nice way.

Who the hell does he think he is? I don't mind if he gives his advice, I mean, it's a public forum anyway. What I don't like is that he keeps giving advice, acting like he's the damned authority on things, but I have not seen one shred of evidence to believe that he is actually an authority on whatever it is. He's got no cred, to put it in street terms.

Just keeps blasting away at the keyboard, acting like he's the best and all. Why, because he's not in the Philippines? Because he's earning dollars and getting to see sights not all of us here can see? Because his English is good? Hell, I write good too. My grammar is okay and so is my English. Do you see me writing long paragraphs? (In public forums, not in my blog. I OWN this blog, hence I can do whatever I want in this blog.)

My point is, if you want to give unsolicited advice, just make sure that you don't come off as too all-knowing.

And to people who will read this who might get offended, I'm not dissing any of you. I'm just letting out how I feel. If you can't stand the heat, get out of hell, er, the kitchen. Then again, this could be my unsolicited advice for you.



Wednesday, September 13, 2006


If this posts then fine. If it doesn't you'll never know.

Dammit. My brain is fried. Too many thoughts, too many troubles. Or are they all figments of my imagination? Perhaps they all don't belong. Perhaps they just show up because of the way I am, the way I think.

My mind is headed for oblivion. I seek the solace of emptiness. I need a break from reality and run away to a nice, safe place. If only for a while.

I need freedom, I need peace of mind. I need a million dollars to, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

I need to free myself from myself. To release the real me, and not the angst-ridden, idealistic, angry, rambling, intense, slothful me. I need to act my age, I need to answer to my responsibilities. I need to grow up.

I need a lot of things.

But I can't give myself those things. I do not know why. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Unless I suffer something life changing I will have a hard time breaking out of this funk I am in. And the only way to break out of this funk is to shut down, re-format, and reboot myself.

How will I do that when the only thing that is keeping me sane is my current self?

I am close to breaking down, maybe because I think too much. Because I pay attention to things which I should not be paying attention to. Maybe because my priorities are all in the wrong places.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Fuck this all. I just needed to get this out of my chest. If this publishes, great. If this doesn't, then I keep another secret with me.

Don't mind me, I'm just ranting.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Survey Says...

I stumbled across these series of questions from Third's blog. I thought it might be fun to answer them myself. So...

HOW MANY PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST DO YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE? what list are you talking about?
WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST B-DAY? had dinner at Teriyaki Boy
WHAT'S YOUR CURRENT RINGTONE ON YOUR PHONE? Daimos, the animetal version
TIME DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY? 8:30am, thank some higher power it's Sunday
TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOM? just a few minutes ago
1. save $100k
2. invest $140k++ to Canada (instant citizenship)
3. buy a house in Canada
and a nice SUV
5. furnish the house
HAVE YOU EVER TALKED TO TOM? ah, this survey came from myspace.
WHAT COLOR UNDERWEAR ARE YOU WEARING? none. I'm still in my pajamas.
WHO IS GETTING ON YOUR NERVES RIGHT NOW? some people I'd rather not tell anyone

LAST PERSON YOU TEXT MESSAGED? my high school classmate
FAVORITE KIND OF DRINK(S)? san miguel pale pilsen, san mig light, red horse
IF SOMEONE YOU HATED DIED, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? thank all the gods of every religion
WHAT ARE YOU MOST SCARED OF? needles, anything supernatural, lotsa things

and that's it.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

News, Notes, and a Fond Farewell

It's Saturday once again, the only time I may borrow the modem at home to write a blog. And here we go.

* * *

The Mazda 323 Familia, which was my primary car, was sold last week. It was picked up last Tuesday. Fare thee well, you may have been a headache but I still had plenty of fond memories of you.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

* * *

I've been listening to Animetal at work. I think that's the name of the band. They play classic Japanese anime and sentai tunes only in a progressive rock style, at least that's how I categorize them. You can look for them in here.

My personal favorites are Daimos, Mechander Robot, and Bioman.


* * *
Had to wade through knee deep waters along Pasong Tamo corner EDSA yesterday. The reason?

Yesterday was Sir Dani's birthday and there was supposed to be a surprise dinner for him at 8pm. So my officemate, Kem, and I head off to Makati Cinema Square to pass time. Sadly the rain got to us first.

We made it up to the corner of Mitsubishi Motors along Pasong Tamo but the flood waters were rising. After agreeing to our taxi driver that it was pointless to go on, we turn around and ask to be dropped off at EDSA.

Sadly that area was flooded too. So we cross the safety tape that blocked the way to what was once the big ass building that sold furniture. It was destroyed by a fire a couple of months ago. But the flood was everywhere. So my new Sambas were soaked. Dipped.

Kem and I decided to just go home, lest we get sick.

Damn poor sewer system. Lousy.

* * *

And that's it. No other news I deem worthy of telling anonymous people out there.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blogging at 7:35am

Good morning, blogdom.

This will be a long blog, if I see things right. Going to write a lot of things that I can think of and take advantage of the fact that I can blog at home, not like at work where the damn Freeproxy won't let me publish my well-thought-out posts.

* * *

First off, I concede to my PC. Sure I got it running again smoothly. But the viruses are in full bloom. The C drive is so full of multiplying files which I can't remove. McAfee can't seem to detect them. Weird.

So what's the plan for my dear DarthVader? Well I guess it has to be a total re-format of the drive C. I have to back up all pictures and important files in My Documents. Then wipe the damn 40GB hard disk clean of any virus.

After the re-format I guess it's re-install everything. Again. Then I HAVE to install an anti-virus, a firewall, and an anti-spyware program. Before I connect to the net.

That's where all the trouble began anyway. I connected to a DSL connection without protection. Damn. Lesson learned. The hard way.

* * *

It's just that if I didn't try to connect with my PC then my dad would have canceled the DSL connection we had because it was so damn f*cked up we couldn't connect using my folks' old iMac for two or three weeks since we got the DSL connection.

If I didn't show them that we could connect then goodbye DSL. Whatever.

* * *

Ah well. This PC's a work-in-progress anyway. Though I do have plans on what to do with this thing already. I plan on getting either a newer, better motherboard, or a DVD-writer. Then I'd either sell my old CD-writer or give it to someone who needs it. We'll see.

* * *

Went to Quiapo yesterday with my friend. I finally saw where Henry's was. They sell and repair cameras. I saw my dream camera, the Canon 30D.

Sadly it will stay a dream camera. Because it's too expensive for what I'm earning right now. I can afford a Canon 350D, and I am leaning towards that since my friends all have a good point about why I should get the latter rather than the former.

First, I won't recoup my "losses" if I get a 30D since I am not a pro photographer. I am just a hobbyist. Second, all DSLRs are basically the same. Some are just more durable than others, and some have higher megapixels than others. But again, you only need a high megapixel DSLR if you're planning to shoot photos for posters and billboards. Which I do not do. Finally, and the best argument if I may say so, I can't afford the 30D now, but I can afford the 350D.

'Nuff said, natch.

* * *

We're selling our old reliable '96 Mazda Familia. It is color green and has automatic transmission. I'm sure some of you have read the harsh words I've written about the car. And while some of them are true most of them are also exaggerations.

Because lets face it, I'm a "young" person who's into cool cars and racing so of course I'd dis our Mazda. Besides, one man's "car-bage" is another man's treasure.

It gets you from point A to point B, rather comfortably. It can still run at a good speed. There are some gremlins in the car but I'm sure they can be fixed, its just that we keep sending the poor car to stupid car repair places who think they know what they're doing. Then instead of making the car run better it gets worse.

Seriously, at first I was impressed with this repair shop. They were big, many branches, and at first they fixed the initial kinks of the Mazda. Then after the last service the Mazda starts acting weird all of a sudden. So beware this shop, I warn ye. I won't tell you what the name of the shop is but I am unimpressed with their service already. The name starts with R and ends with apidé.

So if anyone out there is interested in buying our car just contact me or leave a comment with your e-mail address. Philippine residents only please.

* * *

For any spellcheckers out there who read my blog. Sorry for some wrong spellings and grammar. I've no time to go over my blog more than once and I'm really more a spur-of-the-moment writer so I sometimes write really long posts and by the time I'm done I'm too "spent" to go over them.

I'm only human and I don't get paid to write my blog. So seeing as how I am the "boss" of this blog I can forgive any mistakes.

* * *

I guess that's it for now. I seem to have gotten everything I need out of my system. At least everything that I am willing to share to random people out there.

I'm off to breakfast.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Points of Randomness

Here we go, blogging from home. On a PC filled with all sorts of viruses (virii? - joke) and hardware problems. But the PC is running so we push on...

* * *

I recently purchased a copy of the new game "Shinobido" and as of now I hate the game. Some reasons include...

  1. No block button. Yes no block button. I think you have to lock on to the opponent and face him directly to block his attacks.
  2. No switch lock-on button. You can't switch target locks unless you relase the lock button and lock on to a new target (I miss GTA: San Andreas' targeting system - simple and effective).
  3. Difficulty. Do I really suck in games today or are they really just that damn hard? I'm playing the game at normal difficulty and I still can't survive. Dammit.
Still, I'll try playing the game a few more times. Might get the hang of it. But it is one damn annoying game.

* * *

My ninong (godfather) passed away last Friday. That brings the total of dead maternal relatives in a span of a year to 4. Last November it began with my uncle, the priest. Then around May it was my other uncle (although he was more of an uncle-in-law). June saw the passing of my grandmother. And now this August my ninong passes away.

What's up with that, God? Got a vendetta against us or something?

* * *

I'm modeling a stylized humanoid head based on Cyborg 009. I love that cartoon and since I had to eventually learn how to model humanoid shapes why not start now? If I get to finish the head then I can move on to other humanoids. Hopefully the realistic kind.

But I have big plans for what I am doing. Finish the head, add a body. Rig the model. Test out a bone based facial animation rig.

If only I had the time.

* * *

Canon's supposedly coming out with a 400D next year. Or is it our already? Anyway this means that existing camera models will hopefully decrease in price.

This also means that if I buy an existing model for a cheaper price that model will be one step closer to being "obsolete".

Because the philosophy I have regarding electronics is to buy one of the top of the line models now, so that in a few years time that same model will still be "standard" in the world. Why buy a mid-range model now who will become obsolete in a shorter span of time?

That's how I buy computer parts. Buy the best now so that in 4 years time it will still be able to run new programs. Rather than buying the mid-level products now and in 1 year you won't be able to run sh*t on your machine.

I think that would be cheaper on the long run.

* * *

Speaking of run, I'm planning (as always, just planning) to start walking after work. Exercise walking, since our office is conveniently located at The Fort I've got lots of streets to walk on. The good thing is one of my officemates had the idea and I'm just going along for the ride. I think he plans to jog. I plan to just walk. Briskly. We'll see what happens.

* * *

And I guess that's it for today. Not really in any mood to write about just one theme, and not angsty enough for one of those rants. Just updating and practicing my writing skills. What little there is, of course. Haha.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hong Kong at Night
Originally uploaded by Gani.
Hindi ko alam kung ano pumapasok sa ulo ko pagminsan. Siguro naiinggit ako sa mga kuwento ng aking ama na nung bata pa sila marami silang nagagawa sa bakante nilang oras. May ginawa silang mga "mural" sa pader ng bahay nila sa Lucena, sila ang naglagay ng "colored cement walkway" sa hardin ng bahay nila, doon din sa Lucena.

Magaling magbutingting ng bagay ang aking tatay. Kahit sa kotse kaya nga kalikutin, basta medyo luma na ang kotse. Masyado nang "high-tech" ang mga kotse ngayon, delikado na kalikutin at baka lalong masira, pero sa mga simpleng kasangkapan kaya ni erpat na laruin at ayusin ang iba.

Kaya siguro pinilit ko rin na ako ang magbubuo ng PC ko.


Hong Kong at Night
Originally uploaded by Gani.
Hindi ko alam kung ano pumapasok sa ulo ko pagminsan. Siguro naiinggit ako sa mga kuwento ng aking ama na nung bata pa sila marami silang nagagawa sa bakante nilang oras. May ginawa silang mga "mural" sa pader ng bahay nila sa Lucena, sila ang naglagay ng "colored cement walkway" sa hardin ng bahay nila, doon din sa Lucena.

Magaling magbutingting ng bagay ang aking tatay. Kahit sa kotse kaya nga kalikutin, basta medyo luma na ang kotse. Masyado nang "high-tech" ang mga kotse ngayon, delikado na kalikutin at baka lalong masira, pero sa mga simpleng kasangkapan kaya ni erpat na laruin at ayusin ang iba.

Kaya siguro pinilit ko rin na ako ang magbubuo ng PC ko. Sa tulong ng aking ama binuo namin ang aking PC sa bahay, na gawa mula sa mga bago at lumang piyesa. Malaking pagkakamali.

Hanggang ngayon nagloloko pa rin siya. Tumatakbo naman pero masumpungin. Di mo alam kung tatakbo ba o hindi, kung nagloloko ba o hindi. Minsan nakaka-asar, kasi sayang ang ginastos ko sa kanya. Pero minsan napapa-isip din ako na ayos lang, kasi ako naman ang nagbuo, at ilan lang ba ang mga bumubo ng sarili nilang PC? Kaso mas marami sakit ng ulo. Sayang.

Ngayon kailangan ko palitan ang "motherboard" at "video card" ng aking PC. Yung motherboard ay masyadong maliit, at yung video card at masyado nang matanda. Pero ayos lang. Tuloy ang butingting. Tuloy ang paglaro. Kahit nagloloko, kahit di ko alam kung bakit nagloloko, aayusin at aayusin ko pa rin ang PC ko.

Ako ay siraniko. Bow.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Some of you have probably read about this PC I built from scratch and old parts from my previous PC, I once called it LordVader but now is called DarthVader.

Well ever since I built him he's been nothing but a headache. My mistakes?

  • Wiring. First build, no cleanliness. Wiring is sloppy, which probably causes this ground to happen to the motherboard (mobo) which renders my PC useless unless I open it up and start tugging and pushing at some parts.
  • The mobo's wrong. Of course, being a newbie at building PCs I just bought whatever mobo was available. Big mistake. For one thing, the mobo I got was for small casings. I've got a big-ass tower casing, which can handle around 6 PCI slots. My mobo has 4 PCI slots.
  • Cannibalism. I got some old parts from my old PC, like the 2 hard drives, power supply, and the video card. Which is probably another reason why this PC has lotsa glitches.
  • Inexperience. So I built this PC with the help of my father. We just followed the manuals on how to build this, plus we read some PC magazines I bought that had "How to build your own PC" articles. None of the articles ever mentioned cannibalising old PCs.
  • I'm the anti-tech. That's what Lau calls me. Because I seem to cause a lot of problems to go on with tech things. Or maybe its just because I'm a do-it-yourself person, which I shouldn't be.
Anyway I'm just ranting away at home (yes, blogger works at home not like at work) while I'm chatting with a special someone using YM. Because I almost did not get a chance to chat with her thanks to DarthVader being bitchy all of a sudden. I don't get it, One day he's working fine, then fine again, and I don't do nothing to change anything about the PC. Then when I REALLY need to use him... BOOM!


Thursday, August 10, 2006


My girlfriend left for the US two weeks ago. Why? Because she wants to live a better life.

It is a sad truth that if you want to live a better life you cannot live it here in the Philippines. Hence the brain drain continues. Lots of people are leaving for other countries in search of better things. One of my cousins, who was a doctor, studied nursing and became a nurse and is now in Australia.

Don't think I don't have plans to move. I do. I just have to polish up my skills a bit more. Because I've seen how skilled other 3D artists are abroad, and while I believe I can match skills with them, I still have more to learn. Those artists abroad aren't just employees, they are artisans. Masters of their craft.

This country is getting worse. People once told me that I can't complain about the government or the state of the country because I haven't voted, not once. Haven't even registered. But the thing is, I pay taxes. I give them money which supposedly will be used to improve the country's situation. Instead they use said taxes for themselves. So technically, yes, I can complain. Because I'm giving them the resources to fix our country and they are throwing it away.

Sad. Sad stuff.

I truly wished I could just live my entire life in this country and experience a happy life where I could buy whatever I wanted because I was earning good coin. I didn't expect to be earning "this much" and paying taxes to fatten up our president and her family.

I want my money back.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Terrawars: New York Invasion

A year or so ago I was working on a PC game. Holy Cow, the company I work for, was subcontracted to create models for a game being created by Filipinos. The game?

Terrawars: NY Invasion

You may remember a link my blog had. The one below, War of the Worlds? That was Terrawars' first name. I guess they had to change it for legal reasons or whatnot.

We did have a good time working on the models. I learned how to be frugal with faces/triangles in the models I did, I also learned how to optimize spaces available for the textures. It was a good learning experience. I even learned how to do FK animation (which is more tedious, albeit more controlled, in my opinion, than IK animation).

Anyway that was that. We did the job and moved on. Lo and behold I was browsing through today and what do I see in the latest updates section?

A downloadable video review of the Terrawars: NY Invasion.

So I downloaded it. And while downloading I was curious as to how the game did, since I forgot to check the rating for it at the game's page in gametrailers. So I googled the game. I saw one other review. From gamespot.

So I click on the link and read the review. The rating was 2.6 - Terrible. Shucks. Gamespot said the voice acting was bad and that it was obvious that the actors weren't American. The Filipino accent was thick. Duh. The voice actors were Mike Enriquez and Vicky Morales. No American accents there. And the characters were supposed to be American.So I can't blame gamespot for what they said about that.

Gameplay and other graphics? Mostly negative reviews.

"Terrawars: New York Invasion is a terrible game that should be avoided. The visuals are dated, the gameplay is repetitive and simple, the multiplayer is worthless, and the story is nonexistent. Even at $20, Terrawars is a rip-off."

That was the conclusion gamespot gave the game.

As for the video review from gametrailers? 3.1 rating. Ouch.

What am I trying to say? The game did poorly. It was already intended to be a budget game yet the two reviews I read both said it was still a rip-off at $20. I just hope the company that did this game will learn from their mistakes and improve on the next few games that they plan to build. Because I know for a fact that they are in production already for another first-person shooter game. How do I know this? Because we also did a few models for that game.

And they didn't even get my family name right. They spelled it "Nanangas".

It's "Nañagas".


Thursday, July 20, 2006


So I was sent over to Singapore with some officemates of mine to participate in the CG Overdrive last July 14-16, 2006. We were there July 13 at night and we went home July 17 around lunch.

Did I get to see sights? Nope. We arrived too late and left too early. No windows for sightseeing. The conference was from 10am-7pm at the Expo, which was around a thiry minute MRT ride from most major malls and whatnot. So I didn't get to go around much.

We did see Geylang, shopped at Bugis and Orchard. Went to two branches of Kinokoniya (or whatever the hell that bookstore's name is, I personally call it Kiki-ni-Mia). I managed to buy an artbook and a Heavy Metal magazine I was looking for. Ate good food.

Singapore's cool. Saw some nice cars, like the RX-8 which greeted us right out of the airport.

And fortunately at the Expo a car show opened up around Sunday, so my officemates and I saw this nice Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII designed by Jackie Chan for Firesports. Or something like that.

Singapore was nice. Saw lots of great cars. Mostly dominated by Honda Jazzes, Hyundai Tucsons, Subaru Imprezas (yes, Imprezas - that place was loaded with Scoobys), and some Mitsubishi Evos. Great place, Singapore is.

Can't say much anymore. It was an enjoyable experience. I'll probably try to write a new blog about my travel soon.


Monday, July 10, 2006


Ilocandia Sunset
Originally uploaded by Gani.
I'm currently listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket's "Something's Always Wrong" as I write this post. And I have to agree with this song. Something IS always wrong with my life.

Teen angst returns.

Whether it be because of the way I think, my neurotic tendencies, or if God's out to get me or whatnot, I still say something's always wrong. It's not that I'm an ungrateful bastard to God's gifts and everything, I just always find something amiss from my perspective.

Take my birthday. I'm turning 26 on the 12th. That's in two freakin' days.

Normally I try to underplay my birthday. I don't announce it to many people, don't ask for gifts, don't try to make a big deal out of it. It's just another day. Except this year I've pretty much been broadcasting it here in the office. Strange, I usually stay quiet about this.

Maybe it's because my grandmother died a few weeks ago (two weeks ago to this day, I think). Maybe I'm still smarting from the, er, sudden way she passed away. I always thought she'd live to her 90s and pass away peacefully in her sleep. Guess I was wrong.

But enough about that. My pain is exactly what it should be, mine and mine alone. Sure blogging this basically broadcasts this to anyone who'd bother reading this blog of mine, but that doesn't mean I am making everyone privy to all my thoughts. Just some that I'd like to get off of my head. Besides, comments on my blog rarely appear (hint, hint, reader).

So I'm turning 26. I always compared ageing to gaining a level in RPG terms. Every year you get older is equivalent to you gaining enough experience to level up. How can it happen in the same time span all the time? Because as you get older the experience you gain are greater in value. Because in RPGs the higher your level the higher the experience needed to level up. So as you get older you take on more challenging, uh, challenges and you learn more from these difficulties. Right? Right.

Anyway I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Proof of this is the fact that lines from different songs from different genres whiz by my head at breakneck speeds. This usually happens when I am troubled and have to think. My brain tries to generate enough noise to drown out what I have to think about, thus enabling me to avoid thinking about it. But now no matter how loud the music is I cannot avoid the problem. My problem.

What is it? I know. But you won't. Not yet, at least.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


My maternal grandmother passed away last Monday. June 22, 2006. She was 87 years old. She would have been 88 this August 7th.

Some people do not know this but I was very close to her. Closer than some grandchildren to their grandmother, because a) she lived with us at home and b) I was her ONLY grandchild (she was an only child, she had an only child, who also had an only child).

I still feel bad up to now. The pain hasn't left. It hasn't diminished, it just lingers. Everything normal before isn't now. Even though I still do the same things I do at home when she was around, they will never be the same. Ever.

I'm surprised that I shed so little tears for her. I only cried when she was still in the hospital, her life slowly ebbing away. That was it. Didn't cry when I arrived with my father around 4:30am to find her lifeless body laying on the bed. Didn't cry when I saw her for the last time before she was cremated. Didn't cry at the memorial services held to celebrate the life she had.

Then again, what is there to cry about? She's gone. No matter how many tears are shed, no matter how many memorials are held, she'll never come back. She's gone.


I miss her. But I was lucky to spend 25 years of my life with her. Through the good and the bad.

Thank you, Lola. I love you and I miss you.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Oh So Quiet


It's been pretty quiet in the State of Ganations lately. In fact, it's so quiet that I haven't posted any angst ridden rants in a few months. Which is good, right? Who doesn't want to have some peace and quiet once in a while?

Or maybe it's just because I've grown up and matured this past year? Or maybe it's because most of the projects we've been getting at work have been relatively easy? Or maybe I'm just mellowing. I don't know.

So here I am, out of practice writing. I've never tried writing while in a relatively relaxed mood. I always write when I'm intense, or pissed off. So this is quite a challenge for me. Can't even channel Scoop Jackson anymore. I did love that writing style.

Now I've become more generic. Standard sentences paving the way for standard paragraphs and standard posts. All standard.

Where has my angst gone?

It's still here. Just waiting for the right time to re-appear. I guess.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer is Over

My, What A Big Lens You Have
Originally uploaded by Gani.
It's June.

Summer is officially over. School's about to start and the rains are about to pour. But I'd say this summer was more successful than previous summers.

Because I managed to go to the beach, even for an overnighter. During the office outing. At Verde Island. Great place. Good food. Nice atmostphere.

But now the rains will come.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm dying.

In fact, everyone from the day they were born started dying. Death is the one and only thing in the world that doesn't discriminate. Death is the one absolute truth that everyone will have to face, whether sooner or later.

Everyone dies. No matter if you're rich, poor, black, white, smart, stupid, beautiful, ugly. You die. What you make with the time you spend alive is what's important.

That's something I'm starting to realize, something that I have to do. Make the best of the time I spend living, breathing, and thinking in this world.

Because once you die everything's gone.

Think about that, for a change.


Thursday, May 25, 2006


Fun With B-Stop
Originally uploaded by Gani.
Okay here we go... Still can't blog directly to Blogger so I've got to take the long, circuitous route through Flickr. Not that I really mind since I also get to show off some of my shots. But the format is just default. Anyway...

So Friendster once again changed the template. Why? I don't know. They just seem to enjoy changing the look every so often. The very first template was the best, in my opinion.

Plus I'd rather they don't allow users to customize the pages since some of them create links that take a long time to download, and sometimes even f*cks up my browser.

So here I am blogging while rendering. Sitting and staring at the monitor.

Right now I'm thinking of two cars that seem to intrigue me so much. The two are the Suzuki Jimny and the 1.5 vtec Honda Jazz. I like both cars. I prefer the Jimny since it has 4 wheel drive and a high ride height, but the Jazz is more spacious and it does have 4 doors to the Jimny's 2.

Can't wait for the house to get DSL so I can do these things at home, where I have more time to think and more time to compose my thoughts. Oh well.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Points of Randomness

MacArthur and Friends
Originally uploaded by Gani.
Still can't post blogs in the office. Yes, our boss is lenient, we can do what we want PROVIDED there are no deadlines approaching, and PROVIDED we finish our work. Freeproxy f*cks things up. So I have to post using Flickr.

* * *

I think we're getting a DSL connection at home, provided my folks think it's worth it. If that pushes through the next step would be a DSL router so that my PC and my folks' Mac can connect to the internet at the same time. Here's hoping for a faster connection at home, so I can post more blogs more frequently.

* * *

What else, what else?

Well the Lakers got eliminated after going up 3-1 on the Suns, so that basically ends whatever interest in the playoffs I had. Sad too, since Lamar Odom (my favorite player) had become the perfect 2nd option complement to Kobe.


* * *

Got myself some Sixers jerseys. I got a C Webb black game jersey and an AI black jersey with the Sixers logo in black and white. Really cool. Thanks, Tito Jimmy!

* * *

Wish I had a DSLR, oh well. I don't have a pro account in Flickr anymore so what's the point, yes?

* * *

Basically that's it. Just a quick update and stuff. Back to work.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hello, Cebu!

Taoist Temple
Originally uploaded by Gani.
April 29-May 1 I was at Cebue, thanks to this long weekend (and to my folks who paid for everything) and I have to say that that place is amazing! Its progressive, clean, beautiful, and very relaxing. Sure everywhere you go there has got to be some bad things and I did hear my fair share of stories from my relatives who live there of snatchers and stuff. But overall, the place was a blast.

Just a few thoughts about Cebu:

1) Cars cars cars. I saw more nice cars in three days there than I would in a month here in Manila. And I mean NICE nice. I saw: a Subaru Impreza, a Toyota Supra, a Porsche Boxster, a Mitsubishi Evolution VII (I think it was a VII), a Corvette, and a BMW Z3 to name a few. Plus the taxis there all looked better maintained than here.

2) Food, glorious food. Cheap and delicious. I ate in four restaurants there: Abuhan Dos, Zao, Colden Cowrie, and Cafe Laguna. Zao had the best overall food but the other three were no slouches either. Excellent food.

3) People were friendly. I did not encounter those people I kept hearing about from others who refuse to talk to you in Tagalog, or who talk behind your back if you're Tagalog. Most of the taxi drivers gave exact changes (no one asked for extra cash) and everyone was kind and warm.

4) The "malls". Those quotation marks are added with the highest respect. They hit the jackpot with their idea of malls. They'd be considered mini-malls here in Manila, but the malls there were just the perfect size to spend one afternoon casually strolling around the entire mall. Plus there were lots of malls in Cebu. Not Megamall sized where even going totally around one floor would be tiring. Great layouts.

I could rant and rant some more but that's it in a nutshell. I wouldn't mind relocating there (and learning their dialect) if I found a good paying job there. It's a great place.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Back to My Roots

I felt this strange urge today when I woke up. Like I wanted to do something I haven't done in a really long time.

So while I was picking which clothes to wear to work today I suddenly grabbed my really old blue and white checkered/plaid long sleeve polo shirt. The one I used to wear in HIGH SCHOOL. And instead of wearing it buttoned I wore it open over this black t-shirt I own. Then I was even looking for my "old school" Doc Martens. But they were too busted for me to risk wearing for a full day.

Plus I also decided not to tie my hair up today. Just leave it like it is. Add to that the fact that I haven't shaved for almost two whole weeks now and you've got a recipe for a grunge rock star. Which was the exact reaction I got from my officemates. Ranging from "American Idol" to "Eddie Veder". Which I didn't mind. In fact, I found it quite amusing.

But there's a reason why I dressed up like this. I've forgotten where I came from. Hell I even listened to my old Black Sabbath tunes I used to listen to in high school while I was working on the project here in the office.

So I dressed up like it was 1997 and I listened to music from the 70s. What's the point in all this? Nothing. It just feels good to go back to my roots, even for a day.

Because nothing beats stress than doing something you totally want to do. And to be quite honest I am quite stressed. Stressed about a lot of things. Stress that happens to someone who seems to a lot of things to think about. But that's for another day, another blog.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Miss Gay 2K6
Originally uploaded by Gani.
I spent Good Friday in Orani, Bataan with my family. We visited my mother's relatives there because she has this panata that she has to join the Good Friday procession there for X number of years.

Which was a good thing because I had an SLR already. Perfect chance to shoot repentant people flogging themselves to "ask forgiveness for their sins or ask for blessings" (but as with many of the younger generation today most did it just to show off - sounds stupid but its true).

Anyway as I was taking pictures of the statues making their way to the procession I chanced upon this poster and I had to snap it up with my cam phone. Worth a few laughs.

Anyway some random stuff during the trip...

1) Jollibee was open on Good Friday (!) which was good since it was VERY HOT and my mother was kind enough to treat everyone in my tita's house to some cold treats.

2) Some of the "youth" we saw in Jollibee were actually wearing jackets/sweaters. Riiight. So effin' hot outside yet they bear with that just to look "cool"? Actually they looked more like wannabe homeboys/homegirls.

3) Traditions are still being followed but their meaning now is different from when our elders observed them. Check out the flogging thing I said above. Plus the procession now is basically a joke. Most just join it to be seen, and most of those posers are "youth".

Basically that's it.

Oh last Sunday I heard Mass in Magallanes and the priest there was bitching about Dan Brown and The Da Vince Code saying it was bad and when it came for the renewal of Baptismal vows he asked if we reject that book. So basically that means I didn't renew my vows. Why is the Church so fucking sensitive? The book is meant for entertainment, and if you're faith in the Church gets fucked up because of some damn work of fiction then boo-hoo to you. Because then that means your faith was never strong to begin with.

The priest made good points about The Da Vince Code. Like what if someone wrote a work of fiction about your daughter and in that book she was a whore? Wouldn't you get mad? Yup. And the same thing was done about the God, apparently.

So how come their in an uproar over this ONE BOOK? I've read other books saying Christ never died on the Cross and the wine he drank while nailed was a narcotic and that Jews didn't bury the dead the way they buried Christ. The book also said that they wrapped Christ up in herbs because those herbs were healing herbs and that the gardener that spoke to Mary Magdalene on Easter was actually Christ, only darker because of the herbs.

How come they don't come out and chastise the guys who wrote that book?!? Because it wasn't famous. Sheesh. Watchdogs of society indeed.

And what about all those books where Satan is portrayed in different aspects? Even though we know Satan IS a liar isn't it still slanderous to make movies portraying him as such? Why won't the Church get mad at that? Because he's not our God.

Why didn't the Church support the Muslims who got mad at that caricature of their prophet (so as not to offend anyone I won't write the name since I'm not sure of the spelling)? Because their prophet has nothing to do with our God.

Bravo, Christians. Pompous bastards with double standards. Don't give a fuck if it doesn't involve them. Preaching this and that while molesting young altar boys. Bravo.

I'd better stop before I say more and get excommunicated.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Week

That's Not Right Part II
Originally uploaded by Gani.
Last day of work. Finally! Four day weekend. Just what I needed, a chance to rest and reboot my brain.

This Friday we'll be going to Orani, Bataan (my family and I) and I will take pictures of people doing penitence and whatever Holy Week activities I see.

It will also be a chance for me to use the zoom lens I acquired from a friend a few months ago. This'll be great.

Happy Holy Week. Now I gotta finish Fallout Tactics.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Must Be God... And Other Ramblings

Urban Grafitti - Pinoy Style
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I don't know why, but lately people have been thinking that I'm God. Two people, actually.

It began last week, the agency asked me to slow down my animation, make it smoother. So I did. Then when they see the edited commercial they wonder why the timing's off all of a sudden. So I tell them they told me to slow it down. And one of them says:

"I thought you were still going to work in the given time frame."


How the hell will I slow down (for example) 5 seconds without it exceeding 5 seconds?!? Even God can't do that! That's just friggin' impossible. If I scoured the earth and looked for every religion possible and if I asked each religion if their god can slow down five seconds and still keep it five seconds, would it be possible?


Next example happened today. I was going to get the car gassed up and but most of the pumps were full so I lined up in one pump. Then this taxi goes against the flow just to get to another pump but in doing so ends up parking in between two pumps, negating the possibility of two cars parking side by side.

A gas attendant motions me to park RIGHT BESIDE THE TAXI. How will I fit my car there? He probably thought I was God and that I could shrink my car to fit. I even pointed the taxi behind him and he STILL motions me to go there, so I back the car up and stop because (in my best Vince McMahon imitation voice) THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL I COULD FIT MY CAR THERE.

How did that story end? I ended up getting gas in the same pump I lined up for.

Strangely the latter event didn't get me really angry as is usually what happens. I just started laughing about it.

* * * * *

Remember the line "Stick it to THE MAN?"
Well never mind trying to do that. The man always wins. Rock and Roll was supposed to be a tool to go up against the man. To show him how free one is. And yet look at rock stars. They've bent over for the man, because if they didn't they wouldn't have all the money that have now. They wouldn't get to live in castles (*cough*Sting*cough*) or drive all these cool cars (*cough*Jay Kay*cough*) if they didn't either become THE MAN, or work for THE MAN.

Because no matter what you do, the world is driven by money, and only THE MAN has the money.

But don't take it so bad, because THE MAN is fair. THE MAN will let you keep the fantasy about being an individual, about having beliefs you fight for, and all the other things you think keeps you free.

Only because THE MAN lets you.

* * * * *

Just a few more words before I leave.

Ice Age 2 was amazing. So was V for Vendetta. I can't wait for Happy Feet and Cars.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Weekend

Out of the Box Pt 2
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Happy weekend everyone. I know mine will be... I hope.

One project down, the other one shelved. Looks like a light week next week. Plus Holy Week Vacation!!!

Now I gotta buy me some expired Velvias...


Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Burned" Out

Red Hot Sili
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Damn. I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. I'm tired. Not tired lacking sleep. Tired tired. Tired.

This week is even more tiring than last week, despite the fact that I was in the office Sunday, and "slept" in the office Monday and Tuesday.


Last week I was focused on one project, and one project only. I could use whatever brain cells I had under my control to finish whatever was required. This week I've been jumping from one project to another. And it sucks.

Sucks because one project should've been done weeks ago and yet some higher-ups powers-that-be deem it not broadcastable. Whatever. Add to that the fact that there is a deadline for another project tomorrow and you've got a recipe for a really tired 3D artist.

I can't believe it's only April and I'm already thinking of using some of my alloted leaves. I was planning on saving that for either halfway through the year or for my birthday.

Speaking of which...

I'll be turning 26 this year. Twenty-six effin' years alive. Man o' man, I never imagined I'd be where I am today when I was a kid. Then again, I never imagined much about my future when I was young.

Ah life.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Long Week (And Other Ramblings)

Souped Up Supra Pt 2
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I can say with certainty that this is one long week. Sure its only Tuesday but already I can feel the week stretching like a rubber chicken. Fortunately I've got the answer as to why I feel this way.

Let's recap to last week. I went to work Sunday from around 11am to 9pm. Then Monday I "slept" at the office (which means I was working 'til around 3-4am). Tuesday came around and just when I thought I was going home, bam! Spent the night in the office again (which really wasn't that surprising considering we were going full blast for a commercial last week). When Wednesday came about our boss was kind enough to let me and my officemate/neighbor go home to catch some sleep and bathe. We were supposed to report back after lunch but due to the heat at home (and the possibility of revisions) we were back in the office by 11am. In the afternoon I had to go to a meeting for a new project. Thursday comes around and I'm too wasted to notice time flying until the afternoon when I had to go to a meeting again. Friday? Well my body finally shut down Friday due to lack of sleep and getting wet in the rain the day before.

This week isn't as fast-paced as last week. Which is sorta nice.

Anyway I saw the Australian F1 Grand Prix last Sunday and was happy that Toyota (specifically Ralf Schumacher - my favorite F1 driver) made it to 3rd place. Lots of drama at the race, lots of crashes, spins and others. Button's enginge even blew up at the last few turns costing him 5th place. Amazing.

By the way I've finished NFSMW. The ending was sorta predictable (and sorta lame) but it was okay. The one big factor about NFSMW is that now I have this fixation on BMWs. Specifically the M3. Because I actually saw a REAL M3 along Ayala Ave. a few weeks ago. Wide tires, bulging fender, four mufflers, two doors and a totally aggressive stance. Sigh.

That's all for now. My Flickr Pro account is about to expire so I'd better find a way to pay for an extension.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I've Been Tagged!!!

Lamborghini Gallardo Convertible
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I've been trying to post new blogs but thanks to this "Freeproxy" we have at work I can't effin' post blogs using Blogger. Anyway just a few quick updates. LordVader is back in commission, and has been renamed DarthVader.

Third tagged me a few weeks (months?) ago and I've been trying to post my answers since then. Thanks to my officemate's help he told me I could post at my blog using Flickr.

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life
1. 3D Animator/Compositor
2. Commercial Talent
3. Cleaning Boy
4. Photographer

Four Films I Can Watch Over And Over (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)
1. God of Cookery
2. Kung Fu Hustle
3. Final Fantasy Advent Children
4. Mallrats

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Parañaque
2. Naga
3. Lucena
4. Malabon

Four TV Programs I Love To Watch
1. CSI
2. American Chopper
3. F1
4. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Four Places I Would Have Visited, Had I Had The Money
1. USA
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. England

Four Websites I Visit Daily

Four Of My Favorite Foods
1. shawarma
2. katsudon
3. tekka maki
4. carbonara

Four Places I Would Rather Be
1. Home
2. the beach
3. USA
4. Hong Kong

Four Bloggers (non-bloggers) I Am Tagging (in no particular order)
1. Hec
2. Karl
3. Chito
4. Marco