Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Hate Filled Rant (In Multiple Languages)


'T*ngina kayong mga clients, akala niyo kung sino kayo. Ang tagal niyo magbigay ng sagot kapag nagpadala kami ng output pero kapag may hinihingi kayo mamadliin niyo kami.


You guys could at least give us some breathing room to do our jobs properly, you c*nts. Sure I know I can finish what you guys want by the time you guys want it (December 7, bee-yotch!!!). But it wasn't like that last year, remember?

Sure the animation's the same. Sure you guys approved that.

Pero bago na product, hindi na yung dati. Iba na pinapagawa niyo. Magbabago lahat. Lahat ng animation uulitin. Mga h*ndot. Dai na kamo nasupog, buray ng mga ina nindo.


Bullsh*t. If you bastards decided to have this project done in another country you wouldn't even bat a goddamned eyelash if they told you it would take 6 weeks.

All I was asking was 3 weeks. Enough time to fix whatever fix-ups they want. And I'm pretty damn sure they'll ask for fixups. Even if they know the deadline's on December freakin' seven. December. Freaking. Seven. Two. Thousand. And. Six.


Damn, that's Maica's birthday.

You shitty people fucked up my December. And be thankful that I still have pride in my work. Be thankful that someone still has enough decency to actually do a good output. I get paid to do my job. Not much, but still. I get paid to do this.

But this is getting too far. Instead of things improving in the CG commercial industry here in the Philippines things have gotten worse. Much, much worse.

They can't give us the proper material at the right time, always late, always wrong. Then they blame us.

They award accounts to animation companies who can offer the lowest cost at the fastest time.

What are we 3D artists, f*cking robots?!?

Beep. Boop. Do-wop.

Merry Christmas, you f*ckers. May you choke on your noche buenas.


Monday, November 27, 2006


Yesterday while attending mass with my folks at Magallanes Church I saw some ants. They were dragging around a piece of something, I don't know what, but they were dragging it around with all their might and all their effort.

From one place to another, trying to cross tiles that had gaps. They dragged it in one direction, saw it was impassable, then dragged it to another destination. I watched with curiosity the whole 45 or so minutes the mass was going on. I thought they were trying to drag it somewhere near my mom's foot. It was around the consecration of the host when they made it there, so my curiosity sort of waned.

Later during communion I was shocked to see that the ants had dragged that thing back to where they started. What the hell? Really confused me, they did. I wanted to step on that thing they were dragging just to put an end to their misery, but I never really wanted to do that anyway. They're just doing what their instincts dictate. And what may seem strange to some are perfectly logical to others.

What's my point in all this?

I still don't like hearing mass and I find every possible reason to be distracted from what's going on in church.

I used to think this was a cycle, there would be a time when I'd be really devout, hearing mass and having communion, then something would happen and I'd stop listening, and praying and all that Christian jazz. Then something would happen, I'd hear confession and the cycle would repeat. It's sort of bad but at least before I knew that I'd end up praying again.

Now? It's been almost 2 years since I last heard confession and my "faith" and "devoutness" is at an all time low (maybe even down to zero?). I'm not worried, and I'm not sad. I just don't believe. I still go to mass, as it is an obligation. But do I still believe? I guess. Part of me does, probably because of the 19 years of studying in Catholic schools. All their "brainwashing" made me a believer.

Maybe I just don't want to pray because of the things that have happened the past year or so. I lost five or six relatives, mostly due to sickness. All due to sickness, come to think of it. Some still relatively young, some old. All hurt, even if some of them were not that close to me. To have that many relatives pass away in a span of a year (Nov. 2005 was the start) plus one of my dogs passed away last October due to complications in surgery, just makes the chip on my shoulder bigger.

I can't blame God. I just don't want to believe anymore. That doesn't mean I'm going bad. You can still be a nice person who follows rules even if you don't have a religion. However some people can argue this will make me spiritually empty. Oh well. I don't feel empty. I feel the same way I felt when I was devout.

In a way I'm similar to those ants I saw, with respect to religion. Going in one direction then back to where they came from, always moving, never stopping.

If you think a change of religion is what I need, you're sadly mistaken. I just need a reason to believe again. But since I'm not looking that reason will just probably hit me in the face, so to speak.

Ah whatever.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Regaining Momentum

Ever since our phone line got cut by that truck I've lost momentum on a lot of things that I used to do.

Like photography. I used to be pretty active on Flickr, but since I lost the ability to browse photos and upload photos consistently I've pretty much stopped with photography. Not that I don't browse Flickr anymore. I still do, except now I just check out some photos and read some threads in groups. I don't post that much and I don't shoot photos that much.

I hope that that will change this coming weekend. My mother's birthday is coming up and we'll be heading to Vigan, Ilocos Sur for her birthday. Don't ask me why. She just wanted to go there. I don't mind going on a road trip since I think I need some time off from Manila, too.

It's a chance for me to try and take pictures again. That means I've got to buy some expired film this coming week, or at least decent Fuji film. Maybe some black and white film.

I hope this will jump start my interest in photography again.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ah, Internet

A few days ago, I think it was a Thursday, I had a pleasant surprise when I got home.

Our phone line had been reconnected.

No, we weren't disconnected because of delinquent bills or whatever. A truck chose to disconnect us from the outside world when he snagged on some lines from a pole outside to our house. Fortunately only the phone line was cut, not power nor cable.

Now I'm surfing again at home. Whoop-de-do.

The only problem I see is since I haven't surfed fully in a month (our internet at work is in bad shape, so many sites you can't open) I don't know where to go.

Oh well.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trying to Update and Random Things

Remember Typhoon Milenyo? Well after that storm a snagged our phone line at home, and up to now we still have no phone line. Good job PLDT. To make matters worse, our net in the office isn't functioning properly. Good job to whoever.

One of my pets passed away last Oct. 15 of unknown causes. She had an operation to fix a dislocated kneecap and was apparently fine until she started wheezing, and passed away around two or three days later. Don't want to think about that anymore but it still nags at my brain.

My PS2 finally broke down. I can't play any game except NBA Live 2006, and that reads so damn slow. Most likely a lens problem. Now I have to find a good replacement lens, hopefully someone I know at the office can help because I don't want to shell out P5k++ for a new lens. We'll see.

I bought Initial D Stage 1 to 4 recently. MCS Copy, of course. I've seen Stage 1 and I am hooked. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I want to drift, but since I can't I'll have to have my PS2 fixed and get me a copy of Need For Speed Carbon just to quench my thirst. Of course Gran Turismo 4 is always there.

Lately my tastes in cars have shifted to the "younger" tastes. JDM cars with aftermarket parts and accessories. Not the simple, exotic Eurocars I used to like as a child. Well that's part of growing up. At least I'm more realistic with my tastes. I can probably eventually afford JDM cars, but supercars? Nah. Unless I become a successful Hollywood actor or something.

As for personal news, well, that's for me to know.

I guess that's it. The NBA season has started, thank God. Something to watch during the weekends, since my girlfriend is STILL in the US of A.