Monday, October 31, 2016

[739] Lucena Weekend

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Lucena visiting my Lola Jinny. 

Call me naive but I thought she had improved from the last time I visited her. She was responding more when we spoke with her, and I was surprised she was making an effort to speak with Martina when she saw her.

I give all the credit to the physical therapist they got for her. She was doing a good job not only with making her body move but also giving her some speech exercises.

This does not mean everything is good of course. I did notice my grandmother would groan a lot whenever she was in a "sitting" position on the bed. I have no idea why, but according to my aunt it's because my grandmother is in pain when she sits.

Still, it was good to visit my grandmother and bring here even a small bit of cheer knowing that people still think of her.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

[738] Podcasts

The moment I got a smartphone last year I bought a podcast app. It turned out to be a good investment.

I usually listen to them as background noise during work. They are my first option now rather than listening to music.

It's unfortunate that most of the good podcasts come out around Wednesday night here in the Philippines. Usually I have a hard time listening to podcasts during the weekends and if I try to listen to them the next week they aren't really as relevant by the time I listen to them.

So what podcasts do I listen to? Mostly NBA and WWE related stuff with a sprinkling of car podcasts. I also started listening to some other podcasts just to increase the number of episodes I can listen to every day at work.