Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Thoughts on the Papal Visit 2015

Pope Francis is visiting the Philippines in January 2015. During this time special non-working holidays have been declared in Metro Manila from basically January 15 - 19, 2015.

I don't know if it occurred to anyone, but for most employees special non-working holidays means no work, no pay. That's what the government says, unless your company has a more beneficial collective bargaining agreement. So that's basically three days of salary people will be missing out.

So ask yourselves this, would you rather have five straight days of rest with no compensation or three days of work with salary? I know I'd pick the latter.

Besides, it's not as if we as a country are 100% Roman Catholic. What about all our countrymen who have different beliefs?

I'm Roman Catholic, and I'd rather have those three work days, specially since it's only January. We just came from the holiday season and already we're getting another five days of no work? Pass. Maybe if the Pope was visiting sometime in the middle of the year, I wouldn't mind. But right now, I'm ready to work, and work hard. I don't really want the long holiday to disrupt my rhythm.

This is also bad for business owners. Because if they tell their employees to go to work, they have to pay them the overtime pay. Good for employees, bad for business owners. See it from both sides of the coin.

Look, i'm not saying I'm against the Pope's visit. I appreciate the fact that he's coming over, actually. What I'm not in favor of is the long, unpaid, holiday coming up.

Maybe if they declared the Pope's visit as regular holidays, then I wouldn't mind.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Trusty Rav4

297/365 - Car Wash for a Cause
An old photo of the Rav4 getting a car wash
I recently had a discussion with a friend about mods I'd do to a dream car. He then asked me what my budget was, and I honestly replied, "None." It was a dream car, and for now it will remain that way. Then I told him if I did have a budget I would most likely spend it to upgrade my trusty Rav4.

The Rav4 still belongs to my mom, as I love to reiterate. However it is technically assigned to me since I use it almost all the time.

Anyway you can guess what this article will be about. Mods to the Rav4. I just gave this an oil change with a BG oil change package that improved consumption by 1km/L. Also the Rav4 was recently fixed for all the issues found during the 45-point check-up it got. So now, in order of priority if I had the money, are the mods I'd do.

Headlights. Again I want to try the all-weather headlights and fog lamps. Plus I did some research online and found a way I might be able to restore the headlights to near brand new look without having to buy a new set of headlights. Unless I decide to buy new fixtures.

Sounds. A new head unit and maybe upgrade the speakers. Nothing too fancy. If I can mount a small but effective sub-woofer that won't eat up too much space I might do that also.

Tint. The car still has no tint. I just need a decent clear tint that can keep the car cool if I am travelling during the daytime.

Rims. I still wish I can get the RS Watanabe looking rims. If not possible I wouldn't mind just getting better looking and lighter rims to improve fuel economy.

Interior decor. I currently work for a company that imports Brembo aftermarket brakes and Sabelt racing gear, to name a few. I plan on getting a few "luxury" items for the car interior. Harness pads for the seat belts and a little something crazy I plan on doing. Plus maybe pedals and footrests, even if the car is an automatic.

Brembo brake pads and discs. This is more of a practical luxury item since the aftermarket pads and discs are built as good as, if not better than OEM discs and pads.

Lowering springs and sports suspension. I want to see how good the Rav4 can handle. And I don't want it too low. Just around 1.5 inches or so.

So you must be wondering why I'm putting Sabelt and Brembo among the last. The answer is simple, the top three mods I've wanted for the longest time. The others are not as crucial for now. Plus these things do cost money, so I have to prioritize the more important details first.


Sunday, December 07, 2014

On CM Punk

Today I just saw on the internet that former WWE Superstar CM Punk has signed with UFC.

Just a few days ago I was finally able to listen to the interview Punk did with Colt Cabana. After seeing the events unfold I now will not be surprised should CM Punk return to the WWE someday.

Why? Brock Lesnar. He's basically following Brock Lesnar's footsteps. I remember he was saying he had the opportunity to get some personal sponsors during his time with the WWE but was not allowed to. However he did also say in the podcast that when Brock returned he had sponsors on his ring gear because he had already signed those commitments before he returned to the squared circle. So in the future I won't be surprised if he returns to the WWE with his personal sponsors in a contract similar to what Brock, or The Rock, has.

Now I will admit that CM Punk is not Brock Lesnar. He has his own motivations for leaving the WWE and trying out the UFC. And as a big fan of his, I do wish him the best. I want him to be successful. That doesn't mean he has to win every match in the UFC, but I want him to be a very capable MMA fighter. And I want him to have an MMA match with the Green Ranger.

So best of luck, Mr. Phillip Jack "CM Punk" Brooks. I wish you success in all your endeavors. And I cannot wait to watch your first match in the UFC.


Wednesday, December 03, 2014


The past few weeks have been draining for me. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

Once again I feel myself slipping into negativity. My cup of optimism is nearly empty. But now I know better.

I am still permitting myself to "slip." Not because I have no self-control, but because I know it is part of my healing process. I also know that I should tackle my defeatist attitude head on.

That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm no longer just wallowing in my sadness. I'm looking for things to focus on so I can move on faster from it.

I guess I have grown up.


ps I'm not that depressed. But I am drained. I'd rather not post about why I am. I just am.