Saturday, February 16, 2008

Midnight Blogging

I've noticed a few things since I started blogging, with regards to blogging.

1. The number of posts I've done per year has decreased. It started with around 89 posts my first year of blogging. Then 56, then 49 I think. What does this mean? Well, I think first of all I've mellowed down since I started this blog. This was originally supposed to be a b*tch blog, where I vent out what I feel about life in general. And if you look back to my earlier posts, this was true. Boy, was I venting.

2. The quality of my writing has deteriorated. Maybe this has something to do with me mellowing down too. Earlier posts were edgy and not quite your usual formats of paragraphs and sentences. One word sentences in one sentence paragraphs. Plus all the angst made my words different. I was more articulate when I was angry, I guess. Or maybe now that I've mellowed down I have no need to vent. I don't know.

3. More "survey" posts rather than personal posts. Check it out. Lotsa "which are you?" or random surveys. Less personal blogs. And majority of my personal posts were just random updates on my life. Nothing interesting. Again, maybe because I've mellowed.

What does this mean? Well, for one, I miss my old writing style. It had an edge, it was different, it was entertaining, and it was damn good. I could make a point using a non-traditional writing style. Scoop Jackson was my writing hero. Now I just ramble.

Plus I'm sorta grateful that I've mellowed down and the angst has sorta died down. It just means either I've grown numb to the crap that happens at work, or I've just become experienced enough not to let the small things bother me. Either way it shows I've grown.

That's not too bad.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Have any of you heard that new promo of Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo? The "Have a Black Valentine" commercial?

Well the gist of the commercial is to buck the trend and wear black this Valentine's Day. Yes, why be like everyone else wearing red when you can wear black and stand out in a crowd, with and added bonus of dandruff-free hair!

Okay, the thing that annoys me most about this commercial is the fact that they want us to be different so let's all wear black. Well what if everyone wants to be different so everyone wears black? Then everyone will be the same again.

The media dictates fashion trends and whatnot. They tell us what is nice and what isn't. What looks good when you wear it and all. I remember when I was in grade 7 and low-waist pants were starting to gain momentum I was laughed at at school because my pants were where the original waistline should be.

Anyway my point is why would you listen to what other people think you should wear? If that was the case then you're no different than the others who listen to the media too. If you really want to be different then wear what you think is good, not what the media says is good.

So for a totally different Valentine's Day, just go out and have some fun. To hell with what color clothes you wear...

... and don't forget: when it rains wear a raincoat.


Friday, February 01, 2008


Well today is my official first day without a job. Though I did take yesterday off so I've been a bum for two days. (Why do I keep talking about the fact that I have no work anymore? Maybe it's because it's a new feeling. I have been working for nearly 4 years, after all.)

Got my gym membership cancelled without a hitch, thank goodness. Now I can spend the whole month of February working out before surrendering my card.

That's basically all I have to write.