Sunday, June 29, 2014

347 - 353/365 - The Week In Review

347/365 - Farewell, My Shoes
Farewell, Puma Ducatis
Monday was a sad day for me, as I had to bid farewell. to my Puma Ducatis. I got the pair for my birthday around 2009, and it lasted me five good years. I actually discovered the left inner sole was hanging open once we got to Maica's office. I had to buy some super glue to fix the problem, but I knew it was time to let go of the pair of shoes. Thank you, Pumas. You served me well and I enjoyed our times together.

348/365 - Maica's Mints
Maica's candy
I really can't remember what happened last Tuesday. I think this was the day my hyperacidity shot up to very critical levels. I usually eat some siomai rice for lunch with lots of chili oil. Usually my stomach feels "maasim" after, basically it feels acidic. This started what led to my half-day sick leave on Saturday. Because the whole week my stomach felt super acidic. I sure hope I didn't develop any ulcers.

349/365 - Martina's Toy
Martina's toy dog
Again, I can't remember too much about Wednesday. The memorable thing was when I parked at my office and Maica went there in the afternoon. We managed to get home at 6pm, which is about a full hour earlier than what time we get home if I park at her office. Why such a big difference? Because once I finish work at 5:30pm I have to walk to her office, I get there at 6pm, and traffic has already started getting bad by the time we drive home. If I park at work, we can leave at 5:30pm, take some short cuts, and be home by 6pm.

350/365 - Insecutor
Insecutor at work
Ah, Thursday. I parked at work again today. The rain fell real bad and I was stupid enough to try our usual fast route home. The roads were flooded and I made the dumbass mistake of trying to push forth. The Rav's aircon conked out a bit, but I'm glad no long term problems arose. The great thing about this day was that Maica and I came up with an alternate route to take going home in case of heavy rains. It is by far longer than our usual route, but it is also drier.

351/365 - Martina's Necklace
Beady necklace
Friday was relatively ho-hum. Busy at work, and nothing memorable. I guess. The only memorable thing about Friday was all the worrying I was making about my car. Thankfully the car is okay, as far as I know.

352/365 - Sunset
And today I had to go home around lunch time. I had eaten a cup of taho when my stomach started getting super acidic. I was gagging, and I was feeling my stomach twisting in knots. So I took a sick leave and commuted home. Upon getting home I took a nap, and ate nothing the rest of the day except lugaw, which is something like rice porridge.

353/365 - Chula Staring Out
Our pet cat, Chula
Sunday was pretty eventful, but I'd rather not talk about it online. Let's just say I'm glad I'm back home where I can get some rest, and prepare myself for the coming week.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

344, 345, 346/365 - Cars

344/365 - Martina Calls Them "Pishis Two" and "Pishis One"
Pishis Two and Pishis One
345/365 - Peek-a-boo
I see you, Martina
346/365 - Rainy Day
Rainy day
I never expected my knowledge of cars to go this deep. I used to think I like cars, but now I can say I like them even more.

Take for example my Rav4. I now know a lot more technical things about things I'd like to upgrade in the car. The most important, and realistic upgrade, is the headlights. I'd love to go with brighter, all-weather, yellow headlights and fog lamps. I just need to buy higher wattage relays for both the headlights and fog lamps. Overall it will cost a lot, but the brighter visibility and illumination at night, and on rainy nights, will be very worth it.

Then there's the sound system. I now know what ICE means (In Car Entertainment). I also know what a 2-DIN receiver is. That's the size of the receiver. 1-DIN is the think, rectangular one. I also know I want to replace the receiver in the car. Just that. My current Kenwood receiver (it came packaged with the car) is as old as the car and needs a more updated receiver. Something with auxiliary ports, and maybe a USB connector.

I also know the difference between an intercooler and a radiator. I know what coilovers are now. I also know that there are two ways brake fade happens, either because the brake fluid is boiling due to moisture, or because the brake discs can't handle the heat anymore.

Finally, there's the engine. While I now know that my car's 1AZ-FE is very durable and reliable, I also know that I can fit a 3S-GE BEAMS engine in the car. That will increase the power and torque output.

So what's my point? I learn something new everyday.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

341 - 343/365 - Clutter

341/365 - On My To'Read List
On my to-read list
342/365 - Clutter
343/365 - Ham and Cheese in a Tube
Ham & cheese in a tube! Very very tasty.
Last weekend I started clearing out some of my old clothes. That's only the beginning. I need to de-clutter my stuff. There are some things I need to find (toys, specifically) that I have no idea where they are now. And they are expensive toys, mind you.

I also need to free up space. Why? Well, why not? Most of the stuff in my old room (the one I used to sleep in when my grandmother was still alive years ago) I haven't seen or touched in years.

I guess it's time to organize. Either donate or sell some of the stuff I have.


Monday, June 16, 2014

340/365 - Tough Love

340/365 - Nutella Milkshake
Not enough nutella on my nutella milkshake
I was watching an episode of Masterchef Canada during dinner and there was this highly critical judge. He looked Asian, and he was very hard on the contestants. I did some research and discovered he was a Michelin starred chef. Good for him.

I guess his style of tough love will work for the contestants. Honestly, it won't work for me. I never enjoyed getting tough love. It turned me scared. Scared to fail, scared to try other things, scared of getting the "master" mad at me. So all the teachers who used the tough love tactic got what they wanted out of me. Basically, a clone of what they were.

I never realized my full potential in whatever subject that was. Because I was scared.

I prefer the nurturing type of teachers. Those who will encourage you, and will even help pick you up if you fall. I find they are the better teachers, and better human beings, because instead of trying to step on you to strengthen you, they will nurture you.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

335 - 339/365 One Month Left

335/365 - Miniatures (Shot on Jun. 12, 2014)
Forgot to take a picture on Jun. 11, 2014 because I was busy at work
336/365 - Never Got to Use This
I never got to use this.
337/365 - Preventive Maintenance
The Rav4 undergoing preventive maintenance
338/365 - Food In A Tube
Food in a tube
339/365 - Red Hot Siling Labuyo
The past week had been very hectic at work. Had to wait for a shipment to arrive, and had to prepare stuff for a business trip for my colleagues. Overall, very tiring. To the point that I forgot to take a picture last June 11, 2014.

Today is Father's Day. I don't feel it, and this day totally sucked. For totally personal reasons that I will not divulge here.

One more month to go. Less, even. I need to finish this Project 365 with a bang.

On a side note, rest in peace to Enzo Pastor. The Philippine motoring world lost a great man last June 12, 2014, when Mr. Pastor was shot in the head somewhere in Quezon City.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

333, 334/365 - Upgrades

333/365 - "Robotech"
It's about time I opened this toy
334/365 - Hungry Man's Egg Benedict by Slice
By Slice at Bonifacio High Street
My Rav4's been in the shop for the past two days. I'm getting some preventive maintenance on the car. There were a couple of oil leaks they found before with the 45-point check up, along with a few parts that needed replacing.

I'm also replacing the front windshield wipers with Bosch's Aerotwin wipers. I've read good reviews about it, and I think the timing is just perfect. The rainy season is upon us here in Metro Manila.

There is one more upgrade I'd want to do to my car - all-weather bulbs. I've always wanted to upgrade the headlights and fog lamps to all-weather (yellowish beam) bulbs. My biggest concern right now is the bulbs I've seen are 100w/90w and I think the stock headlights are at 60w/55w. I do want better visibility at night and in rainy nights, I don't really want to blind oncoming traffic. So this is an upgrade I'll think about and research on.

Aside from that, things so far have been good.


Sunday, June 08, 2014

326 - 332/365 An Uphill Climb

326/365 - Martina's Toy
Martina's Coin Bank
327/365 - Time is Moving
Time is running out
328/365 - Time is Moving
Time is running out - still
329/365 - Martina's Toys
Martina's toys
330/365 - Toy Rav4
Dad's toy Rav4
331/365 - Three Generations
They picked me up from work last June 7, 2014
332/365 - Grandia Side
Grandia side
I really can't blog lately. Nothing too important to write down. Sure I've given my birthday wishlist, but that's it.


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Birthday 2014 Wishlist V1.0

I won't be doing my usual Project 365 post. I think I need to just blog about that once a week. Don't worry, I still take daily pictures.

Today I'll be posting about stuff I want for my birthday this year. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. A new rain jacket. My mom has a good point - my jackets and hoodies are all old and worn. It's time to "retire" them, meaning I should probably start giving them to charity or selling them in a garage sale. adidas has a nice jacket I saw online. The specs of that jacket is just right for my daily use. Here's another offering from Nike, although it looks really expensive.
  2. A new pair of basketball shoes. Preferably low cut. The Kobe V's I purchased years ago was the best pair I've had, and I really wish I could get another pair of Kobes. The Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 4 looks really great. I wonder if it's sold here?
  3. A couple of pairs of Burlington men's socks. Three pairs of casual socks and six pairs of sports socks. I've been a fan of Burlington's since I switched to them years ago. I've been wearing them for so long I cannot even remember when I switched to them.
  4. Underwear. If briefs, Hanes. If boxer-briefs, Giordano. Enough said.
  5. Dri fit collared shirts. Because we are required to wear collared shirts at work, and I'd rather wear dri fit shirts to keep me cool.
So far those are the things I'd want for my birthday. Most, if not all, of them are pretty realistic. I'll probably be posting my more extreme wishlist as my birthday nears.


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Modding My 2001 Rav4

Lately I've been thinking about what I can do to modify the Rav4. Part of the credit (or blame) goes to my officemates.

One of them is selling a 3S-GE BEAMS engine. Without getting too technical, that engine can fit in the Rav4 and produces about 180HP on an automatic transmission. Imagine what more you can get out of it if you can upgrade the air intake, air filter, headers, and exhaust.

I certainly can't think of an engine swap without first making sure the brakes and suspension can handle the extra power and torque. I was thinking of upgrading to coilovers so I can adjust how high or how low the Rav will stand. It can also help with how firm or how soft the damping is. That means for daily driving I can go with the stock ride height and softer damping, and when I want to track the Rav I can lower the ride height and stiffen the shocks for better handling.

Braking is also important. I don't know what kind of brake upgrade I can install, but I definitely want to make sure the stock brakes can at least handle the stopping needs. If I have to upgrade it has to be a reliable and safe braking system. I wish Brembo made GT Kits for the Rav, alas it doesn't. I won't put any experimental braking system on the car. My best bet would be sports discs and better gripping brake pads. And of course, steel braided brake lines.

I was also thinking of upgrading the interior. A new sound system with improved speakers would be a nice start. Then replace both front seats with sports or racing seats to make the car lighter. Possibly upgrade the front seat belts also without sacrificing the ability to sit in the back row.

Of course all of these upgrades are purely theoretical. I don't have the financial freedom to do any of the above mentioned. However, I can always dream and keep a plan in mind in case I find some spare cash to modify my car. I mean, my Mom's car that I always use.


319 - 325/365 - Lack of Inspiration

Much like my lack of practice with the Wacom pen & tablet, I also am lacking inspiration to blog lately. Maybe because I never imagined how draining it would be to try to blog once a day.

My project 365 isn't about blogging anyway. It's about taking a picture a day. So I shouldn't fret about my lack of blogging. However, I do find it relaxing to blog once in a while.

My biggest issue now with blogging is censoring myself. Of course I don't want to spill the most personal details of my life. I also have no desire to complain about work online, since anything I post online can be used against me by potential employers.

So now here I am, creating a post, lacking inspiration.

I honestly want to blog about a lot of things, I just can't because they're too personal.


319/365 - Martina's Carousel
Dunno if I got a picture of this before
320/365 - Maica's Omelette
Maica's mushroom and cheese omelette
321/365 - My Coffee Stash
My coffee stash at home
322/365 - Sources of Inspiration
Some of my sources of inspiration
323/365 - I Want to Try This Dish
I want to try this dish featured on Food Network Asia
324/365 - Is That a Jeepney?
Is that a jeepney?
325/365 - Kalamansi!
Macro of a kalamansi