Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mileage Report 16 - 24 May


I only traveled 159km. and consumed 22.17L of unleaded gas for a 'miserable' 7.17km/L consumption.

Two theories I have about this sudden increase in consumption:

1) One night we had to drive home in really pouring rain and the traffic got bad. This had an effect on the amount of gas I had as I saw a significant dip in the needle from when I left work to when I got home (with my wife, of course).

2) Traveling during lunch. Last Sunday we had lunch with my in-laws at Glorietta. Going there was really hot so I had to crank up the A/C (at least for me it was cranked up) and when I got there I had to wander around the metal parking area looking for a parking slot. Then going home the A/C was cranked up yet again.

I'm hoping next time I refuel the mileage will be better. On the bright side, the cost of unleaded today was PhP53.25, so I was still able to save a few pesos.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

How I'd "Fix" the Orlando Magic

First off, I'm not an Orlando Magic fan. I like Dwight Howard's game, and I still (privately) root for Gilbert Arenas. So why would I post a blog about how I'd "fix" the Magic? Because I'm an NBA fan, and I love playing virtual GM. So without further ado...

Here's how I'd fix the Magic. Via ESPN's NBA Trade Machine.

The Orlando Magic would send Jameer Nelson, Quentin Richardson, and Ryan Anderson to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Minnesota Timberwolves would then send Michael Beasley, Jonny Flynn, and Darko Milicic to the Orlando Magic.

If you clicked the link you'd see that based on Hollinger's PER analysis the Magic would get -9 wins while the Wolves would get +6 wins. These are estimates only and on paper that would probably happen. But NBA games aren't played on paper.

So here's my rationale for the trade.

The Timberwolves have the 2nd pick in the 2011 Draft. They could possibly get either a PG or an SF (Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, or Brandon Knight?) or possibly a C (Enes Kanter). By trading away Beasley, Flynn, and Milicic they free up a roster spot for their pick.

Getting Jameer Nelson means they don't necessarily have to get a PG, because they'd be getting a pretty good one already. One who has shown good leadership skills and was once an all-star.

Q-Rich and Ryan Anderson are both pretty productive players who have 3-point range. This would free up Kevin Love in the low post and help spread out the offense more. Plus these two players aren't normally starters, so whoever the Wolves draft does have a chance to start.

The Magic could come out with a starting lineup of Arenas, Reddick, Turkoglu, Milicic, and Dwight Howard. Turkoglu would be the point forward, making sure that Dwight and the former Agent Zero both get a fair amount of touches. Reddick helps space the floor, and as Darko has shown in Minnesota, he's a pretty good passer. So he could operate on the high post and just feed Dwight in the low post. Plus having a Darko-Dwight frontcourt would pretty much ensure a lot of blocks and rebounds for the Magic. I know Darko was once Dwight's frontcourt mate, but I still think it can work.

Beasley and Jonny Flynn could both come off the bench. Beasley could be the spark-off-the-bench sixth man who can play both forward spots. Flynn could come in off the bench to run a more traditional offense.

I'm not saying this trade will turn the Magic into a champion, and I'm not saying the Wolves will make the playoffs with this trade either. But this could help both teams by bringing in fresh new faces.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Exercise 16 May 2011

Legaspi Park jog @250m (rough estimate) per lap.


Unfortunately I had to stop for a considerable time after lap 5 because I was too tired. After resting I resumed my walk then run pace but was out of gas by the 9th and final lap.

This is a good thing, if you ask me, because I was sweating so hard. The sweat I had today was even more than what I usually sweat with my "relaxed" pace. While it is true I last longer on the more relaxed pace, that's because I usually walk three to four laps before jogging.

I prefer this more intense pace. I may not be able to last longer but I feel like the quality of my workout is better.

Now my only problem is going jogging more often. My last jog was on May 2. I have to be able to jog at least once a week, hopefully more. We shall see.


Mileage Report May 6 - May 16

Traveled a total of 192kms and consumed 25.33L of unleaded gasoline. That's 7.58km/L. Not bad, and it seems like my consumption will stabilize at around 7.4 - 7.6 km/L of unleaded. Not bad for a 10 year old car.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Working

Motivational quotes adorn the walls of my office. Some tackle inspiration, some about loving your job, and some about working hard.

The optimist in me wants to believe in them. The pessimist in me thinks its all bullshit.

Take the quote where if you love your job it doesn't become a job at all. As nice as that seems I think it's also a false statement. Why? No matter how much you love your job, if you can't afford to pay for your bills and buy other "luxuries" then it's not really that great, right? Can anyone here tell me they'd enjoy working for a job that makes them downgrade their lifestyle?

Sometimes I even wonder if I can survive on a simpler lifestyle. Sometimes I envy the others who seem to live simpler lives than me, yet also seem to be happier. But then I realize, each and every one of us has a different personality. We all have different backgrounds.

We can all be idealistic about how much we love our job. And I do love my job up to a certain extent. But let's not sling shit around, shall we? I've got bills to pay, dreams to achieve, and honestly I don't think I can achieve it at the rate I'm going.

Yes, I am more of a pessimist than an optimist. Because whenever I see those motivational quotes on the wall, I just sigh and think to myself, "Yeah right." Those people who came up with those quotes weren't born in today's times. Now its all about the money. Because now, more than before, money is the driving force of many people.

But don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my job. I'll even go so far as to say I love it. But love won't pay the bills.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Layout

Ever since I started this blog I only used one template. That was the blue background with multi-colored dots. Well today I decided to change the look of the blog. I think this new (template-based) look is a big improvement over the old look. It seems cleaner to me. I just don't know how hard it will be to read my posts considering I've got a dark background with a bright font.

Why the sudden change? I honestly don't know. I just felt the urge to change the look. I'm an impulsive person and this was the impulse I got.

So to whomever reads this blog, I hope you enjoy the new look. The posts will still range from the really shallow to the really deep, depending on my mood.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baja Bug Inspiration

Browsing the internet I was looking for Baja Bug videos. I stumbled upon UnknownLobster's page and saw what he did with his Baja Bug. Pure genius.


Awesome videos, and I can't wait for the next installment.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Mileage Report April 26 - May 06

Traveled ONLY 202km and used up 27.35L of unleaded for a (relatively) horrible 7.39km/l mileage. Sheesh.

The reason for the increase in consumption is that we've been using the A/C regularly now that summer is at it's peak in the Philippines. That plus when someone borrowed the car they cranked the blower to full (I only go one or two stops above 'OFF') and forgot to turn it off even after turning the engine off. Yoiks.

Lesson learned? A/C affects consumption, but is a 'necessary evil' that I have to live with. I'm just really glad the consumption wasn't at around 6.9 - 7.0km/l as I originally estimated.

So all things considered, the 7.39km/l consumption isn't all that bad...

... It's the fuel prices that are bad.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Exercise 02 May 2011

After a month (or more) of inactivity, another round of brisk walking / jogging in Legaspi Park. 250m per lap. 3:24, 3:19, 3:00, 2:08, 3:01, 1:59, 3:06, 3:05, 3:10 for a total of 26:17. Sigh.