Monday, February 18, 2013

Beetle Daydreaming

Again with another Beetle post. This can only mean one thing - I want to post something but I can't think of anything to post. And right you are.

On our way home there is one route we take where my wife and I pass by a shop that fixes classic VW Beetles across the road. On our stretch of the road there are one or more Beetles parked on the sidewalk and are for sale. I've never had the balls to actually stop and inquire how much it costs. Because I won't be able to afford it anyway.

Checking some of the local online shops, the price of a Classic Beetle costs anywhere from around PhP50k to PhP400k. Why such a huge discrepancy?

The cheaper ones are the ones you'd typically associate with a "Bulokswagen," rust-buckets. Not registered, rusted out, ill-maintained interiors. These I can probably afford if I save for it, but it will cost me a lot to have it repaired and modified to my liking.

The more expensive ones are the successful projects cars. Well-maintained, restored, great paint outside, even greater interiors. This would probably be the ideal car to go after if I didn't have any crazy plans for a Beetle.

So what's my plan with a Classic Bug? The same as before, a watered-down Baja Bug. I'll keep the engine cover on, maybe improve the suspension and lift the car an inch or two, and of course use slightly wider wheels. I'd also modify the front and rear fenders, replace the bumpers with a custom made bumper made out of tubes, and add some fog-lamps.

The transmission, brakes, engine, and electrical wiring I would definitely have improved. No more dual carburetor for my engine, I'll be happy with a running, reliable, economical engine that can move the Bug at decent speeds (decent meaning about 90 - 110kph for highway driving). No auto trannys for this one too, since I don't know how common those are for Classic Beetles. Maybe upgrade brakes to discs on all fours if it's possible. And of course, swap the generator with a decent alternator.

I could go on and on with this. I haven't even begun to write about what I plan to do with the interior. But I'll stop it at this. I'm dreaming too much again and I'm not focusing on the more important stuff.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Pope's "Resignation"

So Pope Benedict XVI resigned yesterday, Manila time. Wow.

I have a huge surge of respect for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. For him to acknowledge that he is unfit to fulfill his duties speaks a lot about how dedicated he is to the Church.

I am a Roman Catholic by birth. Lazy, yes, but a Roman Catholic nonetheless. And this move shocked me.

But it should also come as no surprise that this would happen. We all know what happened when Pope Benedict's predecessor, Pope John Paul II, fell ill and passed away. At least now the leaders of the Church have enough time to prepare for a new and more capable replacement.