Saturday, May 16, 2009


When is work not work? When you enjoy doing it.

So does this mean that right now, I'm doing my job? Yes.

Maybe it's with my attitude. Maybe I'm the one to blame for not having fun anymore. But as of right now, 3D is shit. I feel the greatest regret that I decided to follow what I wanted and study 3D in college instead of just concentrating on taking up management or some other course that can make me lots of money. 3D just isn't it for me. I've started hating this profession of mine.

3D sucks. I've worked overtimes and sacrificed a lot of things I wanted to do because my job needed those sacrifices. And what have I gotten in return? Shit. My salary is decent. If I wanted to just have enough to pay for a place to stay and some food.

If I moved out of my parents' house my salary would just be enough to pay the rent and utilities of a SMALL STUDIO TYPE APARTMENT AND feed me. No more extra cash for whatever I want to do. I would not have enough cash left to spend for some other stuff.

Thank you, 3D. I regret choosing you as my career path because apparently at the rate I'm going I'll NEVER be able to buy my own house, much less my own car.