Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NBA 2K12 My Player Update

My player's rating is now at 71. He's currently averaging roughly 21ppg, 7rpg, 5apg, 1spg, 1bpg with 2+ turnovers per game. Not bad numbers. Plus my team is hovering at the .500 mark and is in the 8th seed of the playoff race. I just have to improve a few more skills and hopefully we can make a run at a higher seed.

Sadly, the NBA lockout is tentatively over. Which brings me to this question:

Should I continue with this My Player?

I don't know. I'm thinking of getting NBA 2K12 for the PS3 once I buy a new one. I'm also thinking of downloading whatever roster / patch updates 2K Sports releases so I can compete against more rookies rather than going against two (Ricky Rubio and Robert Vaden) rookies. But if I do that I'd have to restart the My Player mode. And I'm not sure I can stomach the growing pains a player with a 60 rating has to go through just to get back to the level my player is at right now.

Plus there's a new feature in NBA 2K12. Create a Legend mode. It's similar to My Player except you get to use existing NBA players. I'm thinking of turning DeMarcus Cousins into a legend. I'm not thinking of using Odom, though. I'd like to go with a young guy and turn him into a dominant force, and it seems to me like Cousins will be the next main NBA guy I'll be rooting for after Odom.

So there.


Friday, November 18, 2011

NBA 2K12 My Player

So I do play NBA 2K12 My Player mode. I must say in some aspects it is way better than NBA 2K11's My Player mode. But there are some lacking aspects also.

My current My Player is a 6' 9" 215lbs small forward with a point forward play style. Why point forward? Well, getting a point forward gave me better ball handling. Something I rely on in My Player. The scoring aspects I could get through the skill points, but to save enough skill points to increase the ball handling abilities? That's a bit too hard.

Not totally, I guess. I have saved and used around 20k skill points to buy two abilities - post up spin move and pull-up jumpers. But as of now I've decided to focus on my attributes. I'm currently increasing inside scoring, close range scoring, and layups. I don't want to create a dunker (yet - maybe next season). I want to create a silky-smooth, all-around small forward. A la Lamar Odom.

In fact, my current My Player is loosely based on Odom. They're both tall (he's taller by an inch), both left-handed, both possessing an all-around game that you rarely see for someone their size.

Do I enjoying playing? Yes. More often than not I enjoy playing the game. The rest of the time I get too pissed off because of the AI. Oh Well.

You know what's the problem? I'm playing for the Wolves now. I asked to be traded there from the Sixers (long story). We have a hard time winning. I have no idea if it's because of the AI, or if it's because of my teammates.

My officemate gave me the officemate theory. Which sounds sort of true. We have no go-to clutch guy, and I end up filling that role. I don't like it since even in real life when I play basketball I enjoy being more of a facilitator than a scorer.

My officemate got lucky. He got drafted by the Mavs, who has Dirk Nowitzki. So they have no problem winning.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So I Got These New Running Shoes...

... and I'm planning on using them for their intended purpose. I got me some black and white Puma Ikonis 2 shoes on sale.

Why am I doing this? Partly for motivation. I haven't done my usual brisk walk / jog routine for the past two or three weeks. Sure I have tried doing barbell complexes at home, but I feel that I need to do more cardio than weights.

And that's where the new pair of shoes comes in. Before I used to do my cardio using either my really old tennis shoes (falling apart already) or my really expensive basketball shoes. The basketball shoe has a small tear on the left shoe, and I have no desire to make it bigger because of my jogging.

I also feel that getting shoes intended for the exercise will be better for my feet. The basketball shoes aren't really for jogging, neither are the tennis shoes. They weren't, in my opinion, intended for non-stop pitter-patter of feet on the ground. They were intended for sudden bursts of quick movement.

Hopefully I can use these new shoes to improve my motivation for not only losing weight, but more importantly, becoming a healthier person.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I'm pretty sure little to none of you are interested in the results of my weight loss target.

I failed.

I'm still fluctuating between 101 - 102kg. And to make things worse, I haven't done any exercise for the past two weeks or so.


I do not plan on stopping my exercise. I just had to rest my knees. And I need new shoes. My Kobe V's are showing wear and tear, literally. It has a small tear in the inner ball joint part of the left foot. Sheesh. I spent a lot of money on my Kobe's and I plan to make it last me at least two years. So I'm looking for a new pair of running shoes.

I saw a decent, well-priced pair in Asics. I'm thinking of getting that. I've heard New Balance is also a good brand. I saw a nice pair in Puma but they were way over-budget.

Oh, and the reason I plan on getting back to my exercising ways? My waistline is relatively smaller now than when I started with my October goal.



Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How's This for Perspective?

Every week I always worry about my budget until the next payday. A good chunk of my income is spent on two things: my office parking space, and petrol for my car.

Don't get me wrong, I make sure to set aside a certain amount of money every payday for my family's savings account. Whatever is left I use for whatever expenses I need. And there are times, many times, that I feel sorry for myself.

That has to stop. There are people out there who make considerably less than I do, yet they still manage to go on with their lives with little to no complaint. They can even go about it in a very cheerful fashion.

So what does that mean? It just means having a positive attitude is very, very crucial in this world we live in now. No matter how bad things are, other people might have it worse yet they can go on with a smile on their faces and a spring to their step.

It's all a matter of perspective.