Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It seems my last post was June 17, 2008. More than a month has passed since I last blogged. I know that's not good, because I told myself I would try to write more posts this year and increase my blogging. Well, the year isn't over yet and I've still got around five months left to rectify the situation.

First off, I went to Naga for the first time in four years. Four. And I must say that the place looks awesome. It has changed in four years, and a part of me regrets not going there sooner than I should have. It had to take the wedding of one of my best friends, Ben, for me to go there.

The moment I managed to go around the place that last Saturday of June I realized that I did miss that place. Even if I didn't grow up there or I have no ties there, I still studied there for four years. So yes, there were emotional ties I didn't even realize I had to Naga.

I saw the new look of the DACA Dept, I saw my landlady, and I saw new buildings inside ADNU. Those are just a few of the things I saw in Naga. There were also new minimalls, new hotels, and new restaurants. Naga really looks progressive nowadays.

Second, I turned 28 last July 12. 28 years old and where am I now? Still in the same place. You can read that any which way, and it all says the same thing. I'd better start moving now. Not sooner, not later. Now.

Finally, I bought GTA4 as a birthday gift to myself. Damn. What an amazing game. I don't even spend most of the time doing missions. I just explore, jack parked cars (I make it a point not to steal cars with people inside unless the mission calls for it), go out with people in the game.

The game is great, but it does have some flaws. Targeting and ducking for cover is still an aspect of the game I cannot get the hang of. Whether that's because I have lousy hand-eye coordination remains to be seen.

That doesn't mean I've abandoned NBA 2K8. As much as I get pissed off playing the game, I still come back to play it.

Finally I joined my office's basketball team. We'll be joining a basketball league. What position will I be playing? Based on the criteria our head coach wrote down, I'll be a power forward-center. I know, I can't rebound for shit and I can't defend. But I am comfortable posting up and I really couldn't do the things required of point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards. Besides, like I told our coach, I'll play PF-C like Vin Baker... when he was an alcoholic.

I always visualized myself as a small forward/point forward. Sorta like Toni Kukoc, Grant Hill or Lamar Odom. But my ballhandling isn't really that great so I guess it's back in the post for me. I'm still confident in my baby hook. I'll just have to do better in rebounding and defense.

And that's it. Quick updates on my life. Now to get a move on.