Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays?

Christmas has come and gone again.

My excitement for the holidays diminishes a wee bit every time they come around. And I don't think it's related to the diminishing number of gifts I get from friends and relatives.

I'm just not that psyched up for Christmas anymore.

Believe me, I've tried to find some sort of spirit of the holidays. Hell, I was even suggesting going on a little charity run to a local home-for-the-aged with some of members of an online photography group I belong to. Sad to say that idea was squashed due to lack of time. I'll leave it at that, as my opinion about that plan was a lot different than what actually happened.

So here we go. The holidays. I'm happy, to be honest. Just not feeling the spirit. Maybe I need a change. Some sort of new beginning which can light a spark of something inside me. Something that'll make me improve myself and make me reach newer heights which I never bothered reaching for before.

We'll see.

Oh and my good friends got married last Sunday. Kudos to Third and Itin, and may you have a happy life with all the kids you'd want. Maica and I will try to visit you in Sydney if I make enough money. And who knows, maybe sooner or later we'll be following your footsteps down the aisle of a church.

We'll see indeed.

As for you readers of my blog, whoever you are, thanks for reading. I just wish once in a while you'd post some comments or let me know that someone is reading this blog. Sheesh.