Sunday, January 15, 2017

[742] New Year, Major Changes

Due to factors beyond my control my life was shaken in a major way last January 6, 2017. It was a bittersweet day. Bitter because of the earth-shattering news I got at work. Sweet because it was also my wedding anniversary.

I've kept quiet too long. I won't post too many details since I now know the value of self-censoring. Let's just say I got beaten to the punch. And now I'm scampering to find a new sense of normalcy in my life.

I'm actually surprised I am handling these changes quite well. I'd normally be a depressed and angry person by now. I am not as depressed nor as angry as I was before. Maybe because I am growing up.

Anyway I've decided to ditch the 3 posts a month quota on my blog. I will not force myself to write random ramblings just to fill my blog. I will write when I feel like it. Like right now.

Two things I really want to improve this year are my health and photography skills. I want to force myself to walk at least 3 km five times a week. As for photography, I really want to start taking photos again.