Sunday, May 25, 2014

316, 317, 318/365 - Problems

316/365 - An Old Lego Piece
My early legos used this piece as a walkie talkie
317/365 - Lifted Rav4
Giving my Rav4 a 45-point check-up
318/365 - Martina's Pet Sunflower
Martina's pet sunflower
I've got a couple of problems nagging me right now. Stuff I'd rather not blog about here. One relatively personal problem I sort of vented already to one of my best friends.

I just needed to let loose some steam, because I didn't want that problem to blow out of proportions.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

312 - 315/365 - Backstabbing

312/365 - Travis
313/365 - Martina's Toys
Martina's toys. Lots of toys.
314/365 - PS3 Revival
PS3 revival. It still works - just not the bluray drive.
315/365 - Flanders???
Backstabbing. So frustrating.

I don't mind getting lambasted, insulted, or yelled at. As long as a) it is warranted and b) it is done to my face.

What really pisses me off is when a person smiles at me then I hear from someone else that they were thinking otherwise. Why couldn't they just say it face-to-face? Or at least directly via SMS, e-mail, or handwritten letter. Why do I have to hear about it from someone else.



Sunday, May 18, 2014

308 - 311/365 - Bittersweet Week

308/365 - Acetate on my CTH-480
My cheap tablet protector - cut up acetate
309/365 - Farewell Kobe V
Giving away my Kobe Vs
310/365 - Bittersweet Reunion
(L to R): Ben, Chuchay, Pines, Karl, and myself
311/365 - My Room's Guardian
This Sto. Niño has been guarding my room since I was a baby
It has been a very bittersweet week. There were high highs, and there were low lows. I'd rather not talk about the really personal ones. Something about letting the internet know my deepest thoughts might cost me potential employment. So I will just focus on one bittersweet topic.

Last Saturday, May 17, 2014, I met up with Karl and Jona for a farewell reunion. They are finally migrating to Canada sometime this month. This was one of the last chances I have to see them. Little did they know that fate had other plans for our mini-reunion.

I had told Ben last Monday or Tuesday that Karl and family were leaving. He was also surprised since Karl apparently forgot to tell both of us his plans. Anyway, I informed Ben that I'd be meeting up with Karl this Saturday. One or two days later Ben tells me that he's coming to Manila with his wife and daughter. On Saturday. Perfect.

I told him not to tell Karl that he was coming here. And thus I set up a surprise reunion in SM Mall of Asia. I was sort of surprised I pulled it off. Karl and Jona were caught unaware, but were very happy and surprised when Ben showed up.

Long story short, we had a great time. I will be honest though, I've been feeling down too. I've known Karl for 10 years, and I was one of the best men in his wedding. The other? Ben. We've been best buds since first or second year college (third or fourth for me since I transferred to AdeNU).

I guess this is what it feels like when you know one of your friends is going away and you possibly won't be seeing him for a long time. I saw a similar scenario play out a few years ago when one of my other good friends, Third, left for Australia. Chito was his best friend and I could see the pain and happiness in his body language the day Third left.

Now it's my turn to experience it.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

305, 306, 307 - Time

305/365 - My new Set-up
Getting acquainted with my CTH-480
306/365 - Unloading at 11pm
Unloading shipments at 11pm
307/365 - Time
What time is it???
One of the greatest mistakes I made up to last year was putting too much worth in money. Yes, everyone needs money to make ends meet and to get whatever things one wants. I put too much stock in money, and it caused me a lot of grief.

I'm not saying I don't want money. I still want lots of it. Now though my perspective has changed somewhat, and I have a healthier outlook on the value of money. I also realized there is something more valuable than money (that isn't family) -- time.

You can't go back in time, you can't change what you've done in the past. So now I value my time more than my money. I have no qualms anymore of going on an unpaid leave (because I'm still not regular at work and I won't be getting any paid leaves until God knows when). I'd rather miss a day's pay but spend it with my wife and/or daughter. And I'm happier now than before.

When I was earning more before I was so uptight about unpaid leaves and under time. I never wanted to do any of the two because I thought it was, in Filipino, "sayang" if I didn't get a full day's pay. So yes, I did sometimes skip out on some activities of my daughter in school.

Now that I'm older and wiser, and my perspective has changed, I am doing the best that I can to make up for lost time. So if I start earning less because I'd rather be with my daughter, then so be it.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to play with Martina before getting ready for work.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

300 to 304/365 - The Week in Review (Again!)

I must confess, I've been very lazy to blog. Take pictures also, but I must continue this. Just so I can say I finished something. The good news is I've been pretty productive at work.
300/365 - My Books
My books. Stuff I've read and have still to read.
I finished with the inventory. That means counting all the stock, updating stock cards, and rearranging everything in the back stock room and in our satellite stock room.
301/365 - Martina's Books
Martina's books. Stuff she's read and have still to read.
I do have to be honest again, I'm tired. Six days a week is something I'm still not used to. Considering the type of work I've been doing, one day's rest is definitely not enough.
302/365 - My Work Boots
My "work" boots. Haven't used these in months.
There is one really bright spot of the week, though. I finally purchased a Wacom CTH-480 pen and tablet. I've been meaning to get one for the longest time, and I finally mustered the courage (and the money) to buy one. I think it's a solid investment. I can finally learn how to do digital drawing, and I can improve my skill set as an artist.
303/365 - CTH-480 Investment
A solid investment.
Mother's Day also happened this week. We dropped by Ninong Johnny's house to greet Lola Jinny and my other relatives before we went to Merville for our weekly lunch with my in-laws.
304/365 - Happy Mother's Day
(L to R) Ninang Vivian, Lola Jinny, Martina, and Maica on Mother's Day
So what do I have to say about this week? Tiring. Plus I'm starting to forget to look for things to be thankful for. A shame, really, because I do want to keep that up. Constant self-awareness will have to be implemented.

At the same time, I cannot wish some breaks to fall my way. Simply because there have been a lot of breaks I've gotten. It may not be the breaks I want, but they are still breaks that I have that other people don't have. So I can just count my blessings and keep soldiering on.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

298, 299/365 - My Career So Far

298/365 - My Latest Kicks
My latest kicks
299/365 - Martina's Backpack
Martina's backpack
I've had three different jobs, two related and one totally unrelated to the previous two.

I started as a 3D artist in the post-production/advertising industry. I shifted to game development, and worked my way up. When I felt it was time to take a break, I moved to the automotive industry, where I currently am.

It's been an amazing trip, full of ups and downs. Most importantly, it has been full of learning experiences. I'm glad I can now look back and reflect, and learn from all my experiences.


Sunday, May 04, 2014

296, 297/365 - May the Fourth be With You

296/365 - Fries
Midnight snacks
297/365 - Car Wash for a Cause
May the Fourth Car Wash for a Cause
Today is May the Fourth. Also known as Star Wars Day. Today was also a pretty memorable day for me.

The company I work for sponsors the current Formula Winds Philippines driver Sung Joon 'SJ' Park. Today was supposed to have a fundraising event in our office to raise funds so SJ can race in Japan. That was until he had read of the story of Alessandra's AngelsRather than continuing with the event, he decided to donate all proceeds from his fundraiser to help little Alessandra. So they changed the format for today's events.

Originally the event was supposed to include a car wash and a movie show in the showroom of my current office. After changing the plans, it became a car wash and three-laps on a PS3 driving game with the top three times winning prizes donated by people who wanted to help.

There were also other people who donated motorsports related autographed memorabilia to auction off to raise funds for little Alessandra.

I have no idea how successful it was since I only dropped by the shop earlier today to get my car washed and help set the office up. The PS3 rig wasn't set up when I was there so I couldn't compete in the PS3 event. Still, I got my raffle coupon and a chance to win some of the cool prizes being raffled off.

I am very thankful to meet and learn from people who think so differently from how I do. People like SJ, who wanted to help someone he never even met, much less owes anything to. And I am also very thankful to be part of the experience, even in such a small way.

If you're wondering why I suddenly decided to help out, here are my reasons. Aside from being inspired by my boss and by SJ, I was also inspired by my wife. Maica is friends with the mom of Alessandra.


Friday, May 02, 2014

292 - 295/365 - Progress

292/365 - Travis
One way to beat the heat - sleep on cool tiles

293/365 - Martina Photobomb
Lovable little Martina

294/365 - Pringles!
Midnight snack

295/365 - Tropical Hamburger
Finally, a Tropical Hut burger after years of not eating one
I've been lazy about blogging lately, but I've also been very introspective. I just choose not to share any of my thoughts online - well, not all.

Let's just say I'm trying to further improve myself. I've been doing the "things to be thankful for" exercise the past few days. To be honest, it does feel good to find things to be thankful for. There are even days I find new things to be thankful for, and that should be the norm. I don't think there can be any day that I won't find any new thing to be thankful for.

This past week has been a continuation of the past few weeks at work. Tiring, moving stuff, re-arranging other things, and so on. I'm still tired. My body is still aching. I do feel good, though. An honest day's work feels great.

Martina and Maica have been great help also. Both help ease the aches and pains, in their own special way. And for that, I am thankful also.