Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Musings

So it seems my blogging juices are running dry... again.

I'm only left to blog every start of the new week. Points to ponder, thoughts to analyze. The past week was pretty good.

I passed the beginner's animation exam, it wasn't perfect but I got the job done. I still need to remember some terminologies with the "new" software I'm using. I'm still re-learning a lot of things and thanks to all the training and practice I am once again getting better at animating.

However, my confidence is getting shakier by the day. Maybe it's frustration with a training task I cannot accomplish as of yet. I want to be able to perform to expectations but I should not let my impatience get the better of me. That plus the fact that I'm feeling pressure to succeed in this job.

I just have to keep my chin up and keep moving forward.