Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Is This Blog?

Lately I've been thinking about the purpose of this blog. It seems that most of my posts recently have been either about my dream car or some weird rant.

Did I initially want to turn this blog into an online diary of intimate thoughts? Probably. I needed a space to vent, and strangely enough I decided to vent in cyberspace.

But I cannot say that this blog has deviated from it's original purpose. It is called "State of Ganations" and that's exaclty what it is. I write down my thoughts, those that I want to share with whoever happens to read this blog.

Plus I honestly don't think too many people read this blog. I rarely receive any comments.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Dear...

I was thinking it would be great to know how to use 2 different 3D softwares, and I was right! I know I'm not as prolific using 3DS Max as I am at using Maya, but I'm getting there. The fundamentals are the same anyway, techniques used in one software works for the other most of the time.

You just have to get past the subtle differences in terms in each software, plus the different hotkeys and commands. And that's it! I've successfully created a very low poly (actually triangle) object in Max, which was approved by my leads & heads. 92 triangles! Never expected I could actually build something that "light" when on average at my old job even a can reaches 1000 polys (quads, so that would be around 2000 triangles). The transition seems to be moving smoothly, with my only concerns the upcoming sprints. Will I be able to keep pace with what is needed or will I be considered an impediment? We shall see.

One problem I have now, though, is the fact that I can't navigate around Maya as fast as I could since I have almost totally adapted to 3DS Max now. I accidentally turned Maya on and tried fiddling with it, only to quit because a) I wasn't in the mood, and b) I was using Max shortcuts in it. Hahaha.

But I am still serious when I say I have to practice with Maya. Soon. It would be a shame to forget how to use that software since it has it's strong points, just like Max has it's own strong points.