Friday, April 21, 2006

Back to My Roots

I felt this strange urge today when I woke up. Like I wanted to do something I haven't done in a really long time.

So while I was picking which clothes to wear to work today I suddenly grabbed my really old blue and white checkered/plaid long sleeve polo shirt. The one I used to wear in HIGH SCHOOL. And instead of wearing it buttoned I wore it open over this black t-shirt I own. Then I was even looking for my "old school" Doc Martens. But they were too busted for me to risk wearing for a full day.

Plus I also decided not to tie my hair up today. Just leave it like it is. Add to that the fact that I haven't shaved for almost two whole weeks now and you've got a recipe for a grunge rock star. Which was the exact reaction I got from my officemates. Ranging from "American Idol" to "Eddie Veder". Which I didn't mind. In fact, I found it quite amusing.

But there's a reason why I dressed up like this. I've forgotten where I came from. Hell I even listened to my old Black Sabbath tunes I used to listen to in high school while I was working on the project here in the office.

So I dressed up like it was 1997 and I listened to music from the 70s. What's the point in all this? Nothing. It just feels good to go back to my roots, even for a day.

Because nothing beats stress than doing something you totally want to do. And to be quite honest I am quite stressed. Stressed about a lot of things. Stress that happens to someone who seems to a lot of things to think about. But that's for another day, another blog.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Miss Gay 2K6
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I spent Good Friday in Orani, Bataan with my family. We visited my mother's relatives there because she has this panata that she has to join the Good Friday procession there for X number of years.

Which was a good thing because I had an SLR already. Perfect chance to shoot repentant people flogging themselves to "ask forgiveness for their sins or ask for blessings" (but as with many of the younger generation today most did it just to show off - sounds stupid but its true).

Anyway as I was taking pictures of the statues making their way to the procession I chanced upon this poster and I had to snap it up with my cam phone. Worth a few laughs.

Anyway some random stuff during the trip...

1) Jollibee was open on Good Friday (!) which was good since it was VERY HOT and my mother was kind enough to treat everyone in my tita's house to some cold treats.

2) Some of the "youth" we saw in Jollibee were actually wearing jackets/sweaters. Riiight. So effin' hot outside yet they bear with that just to look "cool"? Actually they looked more like wannabe homeboys/homegirls.

3) Traditions are still being followed but their meaning now is different from when our elders observed them. Check out the flogging thing I said above. Plus the procession now is basically a joke. Most just join it to be seen, and most of those posers are "youth".

Basically that's it.

Oh last Sunday I heard Mass in Magallanes and the priest there was bitching about Dan Brown and The Da Vince Code saying it was bad and when it came for the renewal of Baptismal vows he asked if we reject that book. So basically that means I didn't renew my vows. Why is the Church so fucking sensitive? The book is meant for entertainment, and if you're faith in the Church gets fucked up because of some damn work of fiction then boo-hoo to you. Because then that means your faith was never strong to begin with.

The priest made good points about The Da Vince Code. Like what if someone wrote a work of fiction about your daughter and in that book she was a whore? Wouldn't you get mad? Yup. And the same thing was done about the God, apparently.

So how come their in an uproar over this ONE BOOK? I've read other books saying Christ never died on the Cross and the wine he drank while nailed was a narcotic and that Jews didn't bury the dead the way they buried Christ. The book also said that they wrapped Christ up in herbs because those herbs were healing herbs and that the gardener that spoke to Mary Magdalene on Easter was actually Christ, only darker because of the herbs.

How come they don't come out and chastise the guys who wrote that book?!? Because it wasn't famous. Sheesh. Watchdogs of society indeed.

And what about all those books where Satan is portrayed in different aspects? Even though we know Satan IS a liar isn't it still slanderous to make movies portraying him as such? Why won't the Church get mad at that? Because he's not our God.

Why didn't the Church support the Muslims who got mad at that caricature of their prophet (so as not to offend anyone I won't write the name since I'm not sure of the spelling)? Because their prophet has nothing to do with our God.

Bravo, Christians. Pompous bastards with double standards. Don't give a fuck if it doesn't involve them. Preaching this and that while molesting young altar boys. Bravo.

I'd better stop before I say more and get excommunicated.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Week

That's Not Right Part II
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Last day of work. Finally! Four day weekend. Just what I needed, a chance to rest and reboot my brain.

This Friday we'll be going to Orani, Bataan (my family and I) and I will take pictures of people doing penitence and whatever Holy Week activities I see.

It will also be a chance for me to use the zoom lens I acquired from a friend a few months ago. This'll be great.

Happy Holy Week. Now I gotta finish Fallout Tactics.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Must Be God... And Other Ramblings

Urban Grafitti - Pinoy Style
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I don't know why, but lately people have been thinking that I'm God. Two people, actually.

It began last week, the agency asked me to slow down my animation, make it smoother. So I did. Then when they see the edited commercial they wonder why the timing's off all of a sudden. So I tell them they told me to slow it down. And one of them says:

"I thought you were still going to work in the given time frame."


How the hell will I slow down (for example) 5 seconds without it exceeding 5 seconds?!? Even God can't do that! That's just friggin' impossible. If I scoured the earth and looked for every religion possible and if I asked each religion if their god can slow down five seconds and still keep it five seconds, would it be possible?


Next example happened today. I was going to get the car gassed up and but most of the pumps were full so I lined up in one pump. Then this taxi goes against the flow just to get to another pump but in doing so ends up parking in between two pumps, negating the possibility of two cars parking side by side.

A gas attendant motions me to park RIGHT BESIDE THE TAXI. How will I fit my car there? He probably thought I was God and that I could shrink my car to fit. I even pointed the taxi behind him and he STILL motions me to go there, so I back the car up and stop because (in my best Vince McMahon imitation voice) THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL I COULD FIT MY CAR THERE.

How did that story end? I ended up getting gas in the same pump I lined up for.

Strangely the latter event didn't get me really angry as is usually what happens. I just started laughing about it.

* * * * *

Remember the line "Stick it to THE MAN?"
Well never mind trying to do that. The man always wins. Rock and Roll was supposed to be a tool to go up against the man. To show him how free one is. And yet look at rock stars. They've bent over for the man, because if they didn't they wouldn't have all the money that have now. They wouldn't get to live in castles (*cough*Sting*cough*) or drive all these cool cars (*cough*Jay Kay*cough*) if they didn't either become THE MAN, or work for THE MAN.

Because no matter what you do, the world is driven by money, and only THE MAN has the money.

But don't take it so bad, because THE MAN is fair. THE MAN will let you keep the fantasy about being an individual, about having beliefs you fight for, and all the other things you think keeps you free.

Only because THE MAN lets you.

* * * * *

Just a few more words before I leave.

Ice Age 2 was amazing. So was V for Vendetta. I can't wait for Happy Feet and Cars.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Weekend

Out of the Box Pt 2
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Happy weekend everyone. I know mine will be... I hope.

One project down, the other one shelved. Looks like a light week next week. Plus Holy Week Vacation!!!

Now I gotta buy me some expired Velvias...


Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Burned" Out

Red Hot Sili
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Damn. I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. I'm tired. Not tired lacking sleep. Tired tired. Tired.

This week is even more tiring than last week, despite the fact that I was in the office Sunday, and "slept" in the office Monday and Tuesday.


Last week I was focused on one project, and one project only. I could use whatever brain cells I had under my control to finish whatever was required. This week I've been jumping from one project to another. And it sucks.

Sucks because one project should've been done weeks ago and yet some higher-ups powers-that-be deem it not broadcastable. Whatever. Add to that the fact that there is a deadline for another project tomorrow and you've got a recipe for a really tired 3D artist.

I can't believe it's only April and I'm already thinking of using some of my alloted leaves. I was planning on saving that for either halfway through the year or for my birthday.

Speaking of which...

I'll be turning 26 this year. Twenty-six effin' years alive. Man o' man, I never imagined I'd be where I am today when I was a kid. Then again, I never imagined much about my future when I was young.

Ah life.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Long Week (And Other Ramblings)

Souped Up Supra Pt 2
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I can say with certainty that this is one long week. Sure its only Tuesday but already I can feel the week stretching like a rubber chicken. Fortunately I've got the answer as to why I feel this way.

Let's recap to last week. I went to work Sunday from around 11am to 9pm. Then Monday I "slept" at the office (which means I was working 'til around 3-4am). Tuesday came around and just when I thought I was going home, bam! Spent the night in the office again (which really wasn't that surprising considering we were going full blast for a commercial last week). When Wednesday came about our boss was kind enough to let me and my officemate/neighbor go home to catch some sleep and bathe. We were supposed to report back after lunch but due to the heat at home (and the possibility of revisions) we were back in the office by 11am. In the afternoon I had to go to a meeting for a new project. Thursday comes around and I'm too wasted to notice time flying until the afternoon when I had to go to a meeting again. Friday? Well my body finally shut down Friday due to lack of sleep and getting wet in the rain the day before.

This week isn't as fast-paced as last week. Which is sorta nice.

Anyway I saw the Australian F1 Grand Prix last Sunday and was happy that Toyota (specifically Ralf Schumacher - my favorite F1 driver) made it to 3rd place. Lots of drama at the race, lots of crashes, spins and others. Button's enginge even blew up at the last few turns costing him 5th place. Amazing.

By the way I've finished NFSMW. The ending was sorta predictable (and sorta lame) but it was okay. The one big factor about NFSMW is that now I have this fixation on BMWs. Specifically the M3. Because I actually saw a REAL M3 along Ayala Ave. a few weeks ago. Wide tires, bulging fender, four mufflers, two doors and a totally aggressive stance. Sigh.

That's all for now. My Flickr Pro account is about to expire so I'd better find a way to pay for an extension.