Saturday, May 29, 2010

Turkish GP Coming Up

The Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix is showing tomorrow. I will once again attempt to start posting random thoughts about the GP as I watch it.

Does anyone even bother reading this blog? Hit me up with some comments if there are any out there reading.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Thoughts During the Monaco GP

1. Fernando Alonso is effin' quick. He started last but started overtaking like crazy and started moving up real fast.

2. The new safety car, I forget the name, that Merc gullwing, looks real sweet. Wouldn't mind owning one of those.

3. Webber is too fast for Vettel this race, as the former has kept the pace and has continually made the latter eat the former's dust. Despite the fact that there has been three, count them, three safety car sessions.

4. Vettel's overtaking maneuver on Kubica at the start of the race was just amazing.

5. They supposedly raised some kerbs, so I've been seeing a lot of the cars that can't make the turn just go straight over the chicanes instead of taking them. So much for trying to prevent drivers from cutting the chicane.

6. Alonso's up to sixth place as I write. What a drive.

7. I'm not sure if it's more exciting or less exciting because they removed in-race refueling, but I still enjoy watching these cars race around.

8. Monaco's streets are really, really narrow. There are a few places a driver can overtake, but you'd still need watermelon sized cojones to actually do the overtaking maneuver.

9. Kubica's good. 2nd in qualifying driving a Renault? Where'd that come from?

10. Wouldn't it be cool if "Whipslash" (the antagonist played by Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2) just came out and started destroying F1 cars as they passed by, just like in Iron Man 2?

11. Trouble for a Lotus car, I think. Did a pit stop and didn't move anymore. Was it Bruno Senna's car?

12. Vettel, Kubica, Massa battle for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th going on. Now we've got some excitement!

13. I think Michael Schumacher can still win a race this year. But I think he has lost a little in terms of performance. He's not as fast as he was in his prime, and that's quite natural seeing as how he's forty years old. Aside from the car not being on par with the Red Bulls and Ferraris and McLarens.

14. Looks like Webber will win this race. Good for him. And I mean that - I'm not being sarcastic.

I'll end my thoughts here.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Dream Computer Setup

Here's my ideal computer setup for my dream house.

I'd have a 22" full HD LCD monitor, a good keyboard, a gaming mouse and a gaming mouse pad, and a Logitech controller (the one that looks like a Playstation Analog Controller).

Now, the gaming mouse and mousepad will serve two purposes: gaming and 3D. Gaming because I do like games, and 3D because I've always been curious how a very sensitive mouse will perform when doing any 3D task.

I'd then have all those components connected to a switcher. Why? Because I'd have two different CPUs.

One CPU will be for internet surfing and will have a relatively slow processor. Maybe just one big hard drive, and a decent video card. Like I said, this will be the CPU that I use to surf the net. Since it won't be as fast as the other CPU the power supply won't be as high, thus helping me by lessening my power consumption.

The other CPU will be the more powerful one. The one using the super fast and super strong processor and a very fast video card. It would have at least two hard drives. This would be the one I would use to do 3D and play games with. I'd still surf the net with this, but I would only use this to do really CPU intensive processes.

I'd get this eventually, if I work hard and save for it. I've already got two cases for both CPUs. I already have the keyboard.


Sunday, May 02, 2010


Lately I haven't been waking up as often in the condo. Used to be that I would wake up two or three times a night, just because I haven't gotten used to this place. But now it seems I've pretty much adjusted.

I also don't wake up as early as before. I can now fall sound asleep and wake up late when I want to. Or at least it's late for me.

I still wake up at night nowadays. But mostly because of this awful heat. And I wake up because my pillow is soaked with sweat. Not just moist with sweat, but soaked.

I guess that's one of the big cons of living in this condominium. It's not as cool as my house. I can sleep at my house with only an electric fan on and I wouldn't be as sweaty as I am here. I can't even think of turning on the air-conditioner because Meralco has raised the rates of electricity.

So I guess I have to soldier on with the sweaty nights. Another new thing to adjust to.