Friday, January 20, 2012

Rambling About Money

I wish I could afford to be in debt.

Let me explain. I have a few classmates in high school who are now paying off houses, cars, or condos they bought with their own money. Some have started their own businesses, and those businesses have done pretty well.

As for me? Well I can't say I'm underpaid (well, not totally underpaid) but I can't afford to pay for some things I had expected I would have had by this point in my life. I cannot even afford to buy a second-hand car for crying out loud.

Some people might be wondering why this is a problem for me. Isn't being debt-free good?

Well yes. But I think it's the "bad kind" of debt that I'd be proud to be free off. But the good kind? I'd love to be in debt if it meant I was paying for my own house (or condo unit). Or even just my own brand new car. Or even a few luxury items I really want but can't afford to pay for (even if it's zero interest one year to pay) like a new DSLR body or a new super-powerful laptop or desktop.

Because if I can afford to pay for those things, it means I'm making enough that I could even consider buying those things I mentioned. It means I have enough disposable income to buy my own place, or my own car (those two are my biggest priorities right now) while having enough money to pay for my family's basic everyday needs.

Here's where I have an issue. Even though I have a wife and daughter, we live with my folks. I use my mom's car everyday to go to and from work. Yes I pay for the car's gas. But that's it. So basically if my wife and I suddenly moved out of the house I'm guessing our lifestyle would take a drastic change to a more spartan lifestyle. Something I don't want to do since I promised myself that I would never make my family experience living on a tight budget.

But facts are facts, and right now my wife and I are thinking of plans to increase our income. Wish us luck.


Monday, January 09, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes going with the flow isn't a bad thing.

Right now I've made a big decision in my life because I went with the flow. I can't really elaborate right now, but in my defense all I can say is that I tried multiple times to remedy this situation before I came up with this.

Or, humor me here for a bit and let my paranoid side shine through, but maybe other forces wanted me to decide this a long time ago. I have no idea. I can't really read people well. People I once thought were friends weren't really friends.

But the time for that is over. It's time to start following up on my decision. Wish me luck.


Saturday, January 07, 2012


I've written about it time and again, I love to cook. And happily, the dishes I've been making lately have been relatively good. They taste well, aren't over seasoned, and other people actually eat them without me resorting to force.

And I think I can continue to get better since I've learned to be more patient now, and I've learned to taste what I cook. Plus I also watch and understand more cooking shows now so I get a good idea of what would actually taste well together and whatnot.

So to this coming new year, I look forward to making more good food!