Sunday, July 31, 2016

[732] This is the End...

... Of the month of July in 2016! More than half a year has passed by.

Yesterday, 30th of July 2016, I decided to try to re-create a recipe for Black Sambo. It's apparently a jelly-like dessert that looks like a two-tiered cake. The lower part is a dark brown / black jelly and the upper part is the creamy jelly.

I got the idea for this because this was served as a dessert one time in the office and I was not able to try it out. I checked the internet for a recipe and decided to try and re-create it at home.

Before anything else, it was a decent success. It tastes good, I guess. I've never tried the real deal so I have no point of comparison. However I did make one really critical mistake. I didn't wait long enough for the lower part to set before pouring in the upper part. I got too excited to finish it. 
So basically it still looks two-tiered but there are places where it looks marbled.

It is an interesting effect but I don't think that's how black sambo is supposed to look. Some photos below.

Black Sambo Ingredients for the "White Part"
Some ingredients (I had already cooked the black part here)
Base Part for Black Sambo - Done
Black part done and waiting to set (Next time I will let this set for three hours)
First Attempt at Black Sambo
My first attempt at black sambo (still tastes good)

Monday, July 11, 2016

[731] On the Eve of my Birthday

On the eve of my 36th (yes! amazing how time flies) birthday I only have one wish. Higher salary.

This may seem contrary to what I usually preach to others about being happy with what you have. Except I am happy with what I am currently earning, except I now know that it isn't enough to give my family what I know they deserve.

This mindset might seem similar to my mindset around 2011 - 2013 but trust me, it isn't. Before I used to want, or need, a higher salary. Because I wanted a higher salary. And that is what drove me to my burnout. My reasons for wanting the salary were shallow.

I want a higher salary now because like I said two paragraphs ago, I want to give my family what they deserve. And I cannot do that completely with what I am earning now. I will be compromising the things I can provide.

Does this mean I will burn myself out trying to earn what I want? No. I now know the value of money, and the importance of budgeting finances. I also know that no matter how hard I save for my daughter's future it will directly affect how much I can contribute to my household. So basically do I sacrifice the quality of education I should be giving my daughter so we can live comfortably? No. Do I sacrifice how we live to give my daughter the best education possible? Sort of. Do I need to do that? No.

I will be doing whatever I can to provide a better life to my family. And this includes looking for the best way to earn or make money for my family.

If you want a rough estimate of how much would tide me over for maybe one or two years, I would like to be able to take home about  a month. That would be great.


Friday, July 08, 2016

[730] My (Almost) Annual Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of the year again when my birthday nears and I start daydreaming for stuff I want. I may not be able to do this post every year but I guess since it's 0447 hours (GMT +8) and I have no work today I thought I would do a birthday wishlist. So here we go!

  1. A new laptop. I've actually narrowed it down to two laptops: Dell's Inspiron with no optical drive but better video card or ASUS' ROG with an optical drive but a 'weaker' video card. The Dell laptop has the lead because I have heard favorable stuff about Dell from people more knowledgeable about laptops than me. And because I already have an existing external optical drive I bought when my current laptop's optical drive died.
  2. LeBron Ambassador 8 basketball shoes. I saw this once in the mall and I was smitten by it. It looked good, the price was reasonable (compared to the main shoe LeBron wears), and it was an 'outdoor' shoe meaning it is designed to be used on concrete courts and not exclusively for hardwood courts. Three things prevented me from buying it then: 1. I already had a pair of basketball shoes (adidas D. Rose Englewood 3); 2. I wasn't a big LeBron fan that I had to have his shoe (though I keep reading how great his shoes are for guys who play forward); and 3. I am trying to live a simple lifestyle so I don't need too many shoes.
  3. One or two pairs of Old Navy jeans. Yes a specific brand. The most recent pair of jeans I bought was a set of loose fitting jeans from Old Navy. They are great. I wasn't able to buy another pair simply because they ran out of my size in the other colors. So all I have is one pair of dark blue Old Navy jeans. They had faded blue jeans too and I hope to one day find a pair my size.
  4. Lego Architecture Studio. Yes this is still to expensive to buy here in the Philippines. I was holding onto one in Japan I could have bought for cheaper but I decided not to since I was planning on buying a new iPad at the time.
  5. A Playstation 4. Yes I still remain loyal to Sony despite Forza 6. Also because There is a new Gran Tursimo game that will come out in PS4. At least I think it will come out in PS4.
And that's it. You may be wondering where those other, more 'far out' wishes are. Why bother to include them? Everyone knows I want a place of my own and two cars. But I also know I can't afford to maintain those myself.

I guess the biggest wish I want to have on my birthday is a job that will pay me enough that I can take care of my family and my parents, be able to have enough spending money to buy some 'luxuries,' and most importantly be able to put aside enough money for my retirement. If I can get this then all my other wishes can come true.

And don't lecture me that I have to learn how to budget my money. I have learned and I am applying what I learned. I just know for a fact that I am not making enough.


Tuesday, July 05, 2016

[729] My Thoughts on Kevin Durant

Today I found out Kevin Durant is leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. After reading a lot of reports and opinions I think I can express my thoughts better now.

I have mixed emotions about this.

I am happy for him, as he has exercised his right to choose what team to play for. He also has the opportunity to maximize his career earnings.

It stops there. I feel really bad he left the Thunder. He had a great thing going there with Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams, and the rest of the crew.

I had become a fan of OKC because KD had been my keeper in an NBA Fantasy League since his sophomore season. I became an even bigger fan of the team when they drafted Russell Westbrook. They were one day f the NBA teams I root for.

Now Kevin Durant has moved on. I have ceased being his fan. I am sticking with Mr. Westbrook and the OKC Thunder. I will be with that team until maybe Westbrook leaves. 

LeBron's move to Miami was different. He was carrying the Cavs all by himself with little to mo quality help. He was taking a risk forming "The Heatles" because they were unproven in the playoffs.

Durant is moving to arguably the best team in the NBA right now. They have championship experience and the record for best regular season record.

Karl Malone and Gary Payton also had different situations. They were on the downside of their careers and were ring chasing. They also sacrificed their salaries to move to a contender.

Durant is entering his prime, and will be earning max or near max salary. He sacrifices nothing.

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were traded for by the Celts. As far as I know they never forced a trade, they only agreed to be traded. They also gave their previous teams some assets to help them rebuild.

Durant left without giving OKC anything. Not that he owes them.

Anyway enough rambling. I am still salty.