Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills

Meralco, our power company, increased their rates this month. Our bill doubled, despite similar consumption.

It's a bit of a stretch, because it eats a considerable portion of our monthly budget. Yet at the same time I can look at this in a positive light. This will teach us how to save and be more conservative with our power consumption.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


This has been nagging me for quite some time now. Since I got married actually.

See, I don't consider myself to have many good friends. And the people I invited to my wedding were people I really wanted to see. These were people whom I consider my good friends.

I invited them months ahead of my wedding date so they could free up their schedules or let me know if they won't be able to attend. I'd understand if they were busy or if they had no more leaves left.

But here's the thing. Some people said they'd make it. And they didn't. Last minute text messages saying they were at work, or out of town for an emergency. Now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. At least the latter excuse. But the former? Goddammit, I let you know months ahead of my wedding date and you can't make it because you have work?

As for the out of town emergency, fine. I won't really know if you were out of town, right? So I guess that's that.

What frustrates me most are these two people. They've been "friends" of mine for years. And on my special day they can't make time to attend? Fine. I guess that shows how much they valued our friendship.

What I felt was the slap in the face was that after they sent their apologies they never contacted me again. Never.

Then there's another friend of mine. He said weeks before the wedding that he might not make it to the ceremony, but that he'll do his best to make it to the reception. No problem, as long as he makes it. He shows up in to the ceremony and the reception. Now that is a friend.

I realized a lot about my friends that day. I saw the people I'd go to war with (figuratively speaking, of course) and I saw the ones I'd brush off. Yes, I know I should not dwell on those things and just let things slide.

But revenge is a dish best served cold. And I never, ever forget.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Liveblogging April 7, 2010

I'm starting this liveblog around 8:02pm.

8:02pm Watching Man vs Food on Discovery Travel & Living... Tonight the host is in Austin, Texas.

8:03pm HUGE donuts! Round Rock Donuts? 2lbs or more.

8:04pm The donut manager can pick out the holes so effin' quick. Then they fry the mofos.

8:06pm Okay. Now I"M craving donuts. Ice cream to the rescue!

8:10pm Got the last batch of ice cream from the freezer and I'm sharing it with wifey now. Show's back from commercial and now they've got barbecue. Ribs, sausages, and briskets.

8:11pm Open pit for the barbecue?!? I want to go there. The meat looks so damn tender and good.

8:14pm The ice cream is finished and my wife and I are now hungry. You cannot find barbecue of this caliber in the Philippines unless you make it yourself.

8:16pm Tonight's challenge is the Don Juan Taco Challenge at Juan in a Million restaurant. What the heck are breakfast tacos?

8:19pm So that's what a Don Juan Taco looks like. Good lord. Carbo overload.

8:23pm Adam Richman is good. How that guy can eat so much food and not be as big as a piano is a mystery to me. SUDDEN COMMERCIAL BREAK?!? NO F*CKING WAY!!!

8:25pm He shouldn't have stopped eating. Bad move to take a break even though there's no time limit. He's full now. He's up to five tacos in 2 hours. He should have wolfed it down. And he doesn't finish the challenge.

8:27pm So Richman doesn't get the men's record (8 tacos) but the owner's son creates a celebrity category and puts Richman in the wall of fame. Not a bad outcome.

So that's my first attempt at liveblogging. Maybe I'll try this again with a more important TV show, like an F1 race or a basketball game.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Return of Third

Third, Itin, and their baby Mio are in the Philippines.

For those who don't know, Third was supposed to be one of my two best men in my wedding. Sadly he couldn't make it that day, but at least he's here now.

Maica and I can't wait to meet up with them.