Monday, July 31, 2017

[750] My Health

By now you all know I go walking / jogging one to three times a week. I've been doing this since early January and I have seen the benefits.

I've lost weight, my blood pressure is okay, and my pulse rate is hovering in the low 70s.

Does this mean I love to jog? Not really. I haven't even been able to do non-stop jogging. I'm at a 45-second jog and 30-second walk which I try to do fourteen times every time I go out.

It's a challenge. I had gotten used to doing the 30/30 jog/walk combo and I thought it was time to extend it. But I still feel I am forcing myself to go out.

And that's how it should be. In my case, I really doubt I will achieve anything if I don't force myself. And I really don't think going for walks / jogs will become second nature for me. I just have to always force myself to do these things. That's how I'm wired, I guess.

Don't get me wrong, though. There will be days when I am looking forward to my morning ritual. It's happening more often than before. And to be honest as my body adjusts to the longer active time and less rest time I feel that I will eventually need to increase the duration again.

Hell, I've even started to add some 20lbs kettlebell squats after my jog. And I've been trying to exercise my arms to get rid of my unsightly arm flab.

It's the food that's the problem. I honestly doubt I will be able to live a life eating healthy food. I live to eat, and exercising is one way I can take care of my body so I can continue to eat what I want.

I did notice I am eating less portions nowadays. But when I encounter good food I am less guilty of eating to the point of gluttony.


Sunday, July 09, 2017

[749] Birthday Wishlist 2017

I have a few "traditions" I do whenever my birthday is coming up. One is to get a haircut, and I am done with that. The other is to write down a wishlist of things I want. After the events that happened in early 2017 this is my wishlist.

  1. A healthy life. Like I mentioned before, I have lost weight. It was partially because I knew I needed to be able to stay healthy if I want to be able to provide for my family.
  2. A stable, strong income. Enough to pay for my daughter's education AND be able to save money WHILE helping out in the expenses at home. Right now I can only do the first two, barely. I would love to help out at home and I am very, very grateful that for now we are not wanting.
  3. Peace of mind. I think too much and my emotions still get the better of me most of the time. I just want peace.
I am not joking when I write those things. Now here is my materialistic wishlist.
  1. Honda BR-V. When I saw this car in person for the first time, I was blown away. While a Toyota Innova is bigger and a Toyota Avanza is cheaper, there is something about how the BR-V looks that draws me to it. This right now is THE family car I want for the Philippines.
  2. Two-bedroom condominium unit in Makati with two parking slots. My daughter is going to a big school in a few weeks and it would give me a lot of peace of mind if we lived a lot closer to her school. Traffic wouldn't be as much of a concern, and the house would be close enough that in case of emergency I can pick her up faster and bring her home faster. Also having a condo in Makati would put us closer to malls and hospitals. And groceries.
  3. A Subaru WRX or Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ. My first option would be the WRX. Still has the capabilities of a sports car but it could seat five people. Perfect fun car. The BRZ/86 is the secondary option because that car is nice. But small.
That's it. I don't even want a PS4 or an electric guitar. And in all honesty I would rather have the first three things I wished for. If I had those three I believe I would have no problem achieving the next three.


Thursday, July 06, 2017

[748] Life Updates

Hello again!

I'm back after more than a month off. Believe me, I had no desire to blog. I guess this is my down year for blogging, and to be honest I don't think I may even reach the 14 posts that was my previous low in one year.

Good news is I have work now. It was unofficially six months of unemployment, job searching, and soul searching. I didn't even get to enjoy my unexpected vacation since I didn't want to go on a vacation at the time.

I did have two or three trips to the province to visit relatives. Aside from that I was usually at home waiting for a job interview or an exam.

I did manage to drop my weight from 105kg to 98kg right now. I started walking 3km at least three times a week in January and increased my "training" where now I'm doing interval trainings of 30-second jogs and 30-second walks 20 times.

Aside from that I guess all is good. It is another adjustment period with my new job but it is something I know I can do.