Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Goodbyes and Gani

Okay here we go.

I'm at work on a Tuesday. And I was browsing through Chito's blog when I just realized that its been two days since Third left for Australia. For good.

Now I'm not good at goodbyes and stuff. Usually what happens is I see a person for the last time and that's it. Out of sight, out of mind. Usually.

However, since my journey (exile? exodus?) to Naga I've met a group of people who showed me a new way of friendship.

As a little background, I'm not good at keeping friends. Proof? I don't remember my grade school friends, no contact either. High school? Almost the same. I am in contact with about two or so high school friends. But with my high school barkada? Nope. I don't contact them and they don't contact me either. I don't know why. My folks used to tell me to keep in contact and that's what I did. But its either they didn't reply to me or their replies were dry.

I can take a hint. I'm not going to force someone to talk or have contact with me if he/she doesn't want to. So I've dropped my "act", I don't try to keep in contact with those people who don't contact me. I treat them the way they treat me. End of story.

Back to Naga. That's where I met Third, Chito, and Geem. And others. But these three stood out. See, we were all there to study. We shared a common bond (which is for us to know and you to find out). And we became buddies there.

Now I was already expecting that what would happen with my friends there would be the same as before, out of sight, out of mind. Guess not.

Third and Chito were different. In fact I'd say they are some of the people I'd consider true friends. We hung out together, even here in Manila. We met each other's significant others.

And up to now, even after we all graduated separate years we still keep in touch and go out.

That is until last Saturday.

Saturday was the day Third was leaving for Australia to follow his wife, Itin. I'm happy for them. In fact, I told my girlfriend that the reason I didn't look or act sad was because it was wrong. Sino ba ako para ipagka-ila sa kanya ang kaligayahan? But to be honest I am sad. Its slowly sinking in that one of my true friends has left. Hopefully he'll come back to visit, or I'll go to visit.

Anyway. Goodbye and good luck, Third and Itin. You'll never be forgotten. Come to visit or else.

Peace out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Random Thoughts

Lost 4 kg in a month. From 98kg to 94kg. Or if you check the weighing scale at home, 101kg from 105kg. Take your pick. Either way, I lost weight. And I'm still overweight. Oh well, one step at a time.

Woke up feeling pretty good about myself today, actually. Arms hurt but what the hey, that's what happens when you're a 200lbs++ tub of lard like myself. But it was a nice day. Woke up early, had a nice breakfast. Everything was feeling fine and dandy.

Then I got road rage.

The funny thing was I wasn't even driving. I was just looking out at all the stupid drivers on the road and I thought to myself, Gosh, wouldn't it be nice to own an MP-5 and just gun down some of the drivers on the street? I've said it before and I'll say it again. There are too many idiots living in this country nowadays.

Which brings me to this little quote I heard from Enzo.

"Every generation needs a Hitler."

The weird thing is I sorta agree with him. There are too many givlrd (In the interest of censorship I've decided to emulate Omar from SLAM's website, who uses the keys on the left of the actual letter when he swears) up people around. Too many idiots. Thieves. Rapists. Morons. We're all going down the proverbial drain and not too many people give a givl.

Now do you really believe that we can change people who DON'T want to change? Nope. So it'd be better to just wipe 'em out. Leave the smart and nice ones behind. Right?

Well, not really. I guess.

There are two sides to everything, sometimes even more. In one aspect that does sound good. But from another standpoint, the end doesn't justify the means. Morality comes into play. So what happens? Nothing.

Just like what's happening to our country now. Nothing.

Have a great day, y'all!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shout Outs and Other Stuff

Well my birthday has come and gone. It was good. Had a blast. But now its back to normal. Normal and a year older.

Anyway just wanted a few shout outs. (Ang baduy ko na pala, may nalalaman na akong shout out sheesh)

First off, to my folks. For everything and for the things they provided.
My two grandmothers who went to my birthday dinner.
Tito Mike, Tita Cedoy, and their daughters Mariel and Nikki who were also at the dinner.
And last BUT NOT LEAST, Maica. I love you.

Next up, a big thank you to Third, Itin, Chito and Ethel. Great gift. Too bad I won't be able to use it anytime soon. Hehehe.

And as I write this I would like to say the old cliche, Its not about the gifts. Its about being with people who are important to you. And I agree.

Peace out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quarter of a Century

Yep, that's right. Today I turned 25. Quarter of a century, half of a lifetime (?).

And what thoughts do I have about it? Well not much. I'm at work, working. No time to sit and ponder about my life. Though I do have a few thoughts.

  • I still haven't done anything that's made me famous.
  • I still have lots to learn about my chosen field.
  • I still have lots to learn about life.
  • I am having the best time of my life.
Anyway that's about it. Sorry for the short log.

Peace out.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Confessions of a Sports Fan

I'm a sports fan. I love watching sports. And playing it on my PS2. Specifically, I love watching NBA, F1, WWE, and WRC. And I am loyal to individuals, not the teams.

Sadly I've noticed that I can't seem to be a good judge of character. I always end up rooting for those who can't seem to grasp greatness. Those who have the talent but not the drive to succeed. What do I mean? Well let me give some examples.

My NBA interest started in first year high school. We just got cable. Hakeem and the Rockets were beating Ewing and his Knicks. I suddenly became a basketball card collector. No real NBA idols as of yet. Then I got a rare Joe Smith Tower of Power card. Thus he became the first NBA player I rooted for. Rookie of the year, power forward. He was great. Amazing. My classmate said Garnett was better but I said no, Joe Smith is the truth. Now look who's right.
Second year high school came along and I became fascinated with Grant Hill's game. Smooth. Complete. Dominating. Of course we all know what happened once he moved to Orlando.

But after Hill (and before he moved to Orlando) my focus shifted to the Washington Bullet's Chris Webber. Up to now I still look up to him. But what happened with the Bullets? He got traded. To Sactown. Of course, since I was loyal to the player and not the team, I started rooting for Sacramento since he was there. We all know what he did with the Kings and how he got traded to Philly. Now they're thinking of waiving him. Oh well.

Then it was Lamar Odom. Then Carmelo Anthony. Odom got suspended twice in two seasons for substance abuse and Anthony got caught with marijuana in his bag and has done lots of controversial things. Go figure.

But that doesn't stop in the NBA. Also in F1. I was a Williams-BMW fan. Not because of the car but because of Ralf Schumacher. Yep, I'm a Schumacher fan. Just not the right Schumacher. I mean, yeah Michael's amazing but I root for his kid brother more. What happens? Turns out young Ralf is happy to bask in the Schumacher last name and just drive in mediocrity. Sure he's won a couple of races, but only because he's led them early on. Once he gets in the middle or faces a hard challenge, what does he do? He just drives on. No passion, no killer instinct. No risk-taking.

Maybe it reflects a lot on me. These guys I've idolized all seem to have little or no killer instinct. No superhuman drive to succeed. I mean sure they're all driven. But not much. The only reason they are where they are is because of luck of the draw. Oh well.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Random Stuff

Been busy with work. No time to blog. No reason to blog. Haven't found anything to get pissed at.

Which is a good thing, right? I guess. Better a happy person than a pissed off one. Besides, most of the things that get me riled up are pretty petty. Like noisy mo-fo nursing students and stuff. But they're still "kids" and still pretty much happy-go-lucky. Let them enjoy being loud and obnoxious. Once they move abroad and start working as nurses they're gonna be treated like little itty-bitty pieces of $h*t anyway. Isn't that how foreigners see us?

Oh here we go. Why is it that most of the people who get to go abroad and work there are mostly idiots? Why? Because they look for the quick fix. Sadly most of those people who get to go places studied the courses which are popular right now. So they are the ones in demand. Unfortunately with the number of schools popping up offering the popular courses, quality of education drops. Hence we end up with stupid grads with no etiquette either. Bunch of morons, if you ask me.

Which is probably the reason why foreigners treat us this way. Most of the people who go abroad are so happy to earn dollars that they let themselves get treated like crap, only to return here and treat their countrymen working here like crap. Just because they have the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR (cue kettle drums). Screw them. Idiots breed idiots. Sooner or later the Philippines will be known as a hotbed of idiots. Sigh.

Speaking of idiots, have you seen our government lately? Sheesh. Impeach this, impeach that. Protest here, protest there. What about running our country instead of focusing on mundane things? So you guys want to impeach the president. Fine. Okay. Just don't forget to try to fix our country's problems along the way. Everyone's been bitching about what's happening to us but has anyone actually DONE anything about it? Nope.

Rallies? C'mon. Is that really effective? Well for killing time it is. But what does it do? Lowers productivity of companies because if their workers go to rallies manpower is reduced, traffic increases, and the normal flow of everyday life is disrupted. Whoop-de-damn-doo. That's exactly what some elements want. Anarchy. Chaos. A chance to f*ck the Philippines so that they can take power and abuse us more. They'll take power, not know how to fix our problems, and steal our money. After that we re-elect them again. Alrighty then.

Well, well, well, isn't this fun? After how many weeks of being absent from blogging I come back strong with a load of blabberings I didn't even expect I'd write up. Weird.