Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Conversation with Myself

The problem with you is that you lack confidence. You fear failure, even with the most simple of things. How can one even stutter at saying something as simple as "Arigato gozaimashite" to a waitress in Japan? You were practicing the damn sentence all the time in the hotel room and then you f*ck up once you get to the actual thing?

Stop being so f*cking afraid of failure. How will you learn if you box yourself in your goddamned comfort zone all the time? Like what one of your good friends said, everyone fails. You just have to be man enough to acknowledge failure and rise up from that failure rather than wallow in self-pity.

So get the f*ck off your seat and start doing the things you have to do. Bust out. Dominate. Be the man you can be, because if you don't you'll just be a f*cking loser. A. F*CKING. LOSER.


Saturday, November 24, 2007


My officemate recently got interested in blogging and even included ad-sense in his blog. Which is great because from what he tells me he's made around $7.10 just because people clicked the ads in his blog.

Then I saw what he was doing as he was customizing his blog. So I decided to browse blogger when I get home. And wouldn't you know it, my blog's template is sorta out of date. So I upgraded my template. It's the same as before only now there's an even easier way of adjusting the layout and adding and removing links. No more of the difficult HTML code which I'm not even that well-versed in.

That's basically it. I'm just waiting for new pictures to be uploaded to my Flickr account. They're pics from the Tokyo Motor Show 2007.


Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Legit!!!

I was googling my name and I mistakenly wrote "Gani Nanangas" instead of "Gani Nanagas" or "Gani Nañagas" and guess what...

Two hits came out. And it was because of the game that I worked on.

Here's the game's profile on mobygames. You can find my wrong name at the bottom right of the page.

And here's my profile page also on mobygames. You can see it's quite empty.

I'm thinking of contacting them and having them correct my name. Just so I'm even more legit than ever. Hehe.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Impulsiveness and Tangents

I am an impulsive person. There, I admit it.

I always was impulsive. I rarely get to do something that I planned unless someone else is involved in the planning.

So it was this weekend when I was planning to clean my small desk at home. It was supposed to happen yesterday, a Saturday. Instead Saturday flew by and my desk is still all cluttered.

Today I was just going to bum around and relax some more. Instead since I couldn't sleep this afternoon I suddenly cleaned out another part of my room. Some small shelves that amazingly can still support all the stuff on it. I removed some old magazines which I consider not worth keeping, and found some other stuff I thought I had lost.

Plus I managed to removed a huge pile of dust under the shelf. And that was not planned.

Despite the fact that my room is still a mess, one part of it is cleaner. Next week I hope I get another impulsive attack and clean the desk.

The biggest problem with my room is that I lack space.

Speaking of space, I stayed in another onsen hotel in Japan. My mother's friend, Abe-san, took myself and my folks out of Tokyo for another trip to an onsen. Damn, the room there really impresses me. You can only wear shoes at the entrance. Then it's all barefoot since the room is covered in tatami mats. I'd like to have that for a room when I move into my own place. Have a small area you can leave your shoes / footwear in. Then go barefoot inside the room. Less dirt is tracked in plus it would probably be easier to clean.

In fact I've got the design already stored inside my head.

Now my only problem is finding my own place. Which won't happen anytime soon with what I'm earning right now.

Speaking of which... (I assume you're already getting an idea as to why this post was entitled this way?)

Ah, money. It's not a want anymore, it's a need. You can't get your needs if you don't have the money, hence it's a need.

And if you want to improve the way you live you can't do that without money. And I'm not talking spiritual way of living (though I won't be surprised if you get a spiritual advisor who would charge you for his / her guidance, you know what I'm saying?).

Anyway I'd rather end this hear before I write something I might soon regret.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crank Dat

I was looking at some toys in a shop in Akihabara when I was in Japan when out of the blue "Crank Dat" started playing. And out of instinct I started bopping to the beat. Don't ask me how I came to know the dance step...

Actually it's because of a video I saw online about the Golden State Warriors during their recent 2007 training camp. The same song played on the PA and Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington and Baron Davis started dancing. If you look at Al Harrington that's how I was moving (albeit more awkwardly and stupid looking) while I was inside the shop. It's around 30 seconds into the clip.

And that's how it was. The reasons why I probably started dancing were beacuse a) I wasn't going back to that shop anytime soon seeing as how I live in the Philippines, and b) I'd always wanted to try out that dance step while I was actually standing up and moving around. Pretty fun, actually.

Now that I think about it, I hope that store didn't have any security cameras, because if they did then I just gave the security guards a few seconds worth of laughs. Oh well.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'll make this quick, since a) I'm just using my mother's MacBook and b) I didn't plug it in so it has 65% power left and draining consistently.

I'm in Japan. I arrived here yesterday, Oct. 31, 2007 and will be staying here until November 8, 2007. I never expected myself to be back here since I really had no reason to return. I guess I decided to fly back with my dad and mom was because it was free. And the Tokyo Motor Show is going on.

Ah Japan. This place is amazing. I wish I could post pictures already but since I haven't cleaned out my 30D's CF card that will have to wait.

Lots of nice cars, lots of disciplined people. I'm sure there are dark spots here and there but if you don't go looking for it I hope you won't find it. Knock on wood.

The hotel is great. It's a business hotel in Shiodome. The Park Hotel Tokyo.

The staff all speak English very well. In fact the lady who checked us in spoke pretty damn well, adding "like" most of the time. Similar to conios in Manila. Damn I don't know how to write the n with a ~ on a Mac.

Anyway that's it for now.

Japan is a nice place.